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What are some Canadian quotes from soldiers during World War I?


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hell is among us today. hell is among us today.


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The amount of Axis Soldiers Canadian Soldiers killed in World War 1 was far greater then the Canadian deaths. The difference ( or ratio) for Canadian Soldiers was 8 - 1. For every Canadian soldiers death there were 8 more Axis kills. The 8-1 difference was the highest in World War 1.

stale bread and dried meat and cheese

During World War II, Canadian soldiers trained in dozens of places in North American including the United States. They also trained in England before the invasion of Normandy.

Can I get a list of Canadian soldiers stationed at Fort St Johns, British Columbia during World War 2? Is there anyone by the name of Moyers?Type your answer here...

The Canadian soldiers went to your under pants to fight.

Canadian soldiers are some of the best trained troops in the world.

Around 619,000 Canadian Soldiers fought along side the allies in WW1.

About 534,617 soldiers survived world war I. 595,000 soldiers served and 60,383 were dead.

Canadian Armed Forces during WW 2 reached 1.1 million and there were thousands more in service with the British RAF.

German soldiers during World War I were called "Huns" by the American soldiers. The Germans called their soldiers "The Bosch" during World War I.

Flanders Field is an American World War 1 cemetery in Belguim. For Canadian soldiers who have fallen during batlle.

no there were non buried in flanders fields they were all buried in omemee Ontario

I think Juno Beach on D Day was mostly Canadian. They later relieved Northern France, with the British & moved into the Netherlands & Germany.

They were fighting for there freedom and ours

About 45,300. About 1,081,865 Canadian solders actually fought in the war.

1.1 million Canadians served in WWII, with 42,400 casualties and 50,000 wounded There were over one million brave Canadian soldiers who left there safe climate to go out and fight for the nation, unfortunatley there were over 42,400 Canadian fatalities alone and approximatley 60,000 canadians wounded during world war 2.

During World War I, American soldiers were stationed in France. In July of 1918, there were over a million American soldiers there.

Before the year 1867, the British provided defence for Canada. Canadian soldiers were involved in many of the large well known wars such World Wars I & II.

Only one Canadian was executed by the Canadian military during WW2. Private Harold Joseph Pringle was executed for murder 5 July 1945. It's debatable if he actually committed the crime. He had been a problem soldier since his enlistment and had deserted in Italy. A number of Canadian soldiers were executed by the SS during D-Day. 20 Canadian soldiers were executed on the orders of Brigadeführer Kurt Meyer. The soldiers, from North Nova Scotia Highlanders and the Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment, were executed by the 12 SS Panzer Division.

The best paid soldiers in the world are the members of the Canadian Forces, fresh out of Basic Training make up to 45,000/YR After 5 Years 65,000/yr and if a member of the Canadian Forces desires to go into the Special Counter Terrorism Unit, they will eanr no less than 120,000 a year.. Canadian Soldiers are paid for there training by the UN and the Canadian Government

383,800 British Soldiers were killed during World War 2.

23 Canadian soldiers wereshot by the firing squad during World War One, poor Canadians...

i belive it was 60,000 Canadians

Around 40,000 Scottish Soldiers were killed during World War 2.

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