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What are some Christmas customs in China?

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2009-05-16 18:11:51

The nation of China is predominantly non-Christian. Given this

fact, I highly doubt that there are such things as Chinese

Christmas customes. = Answer= There are Christians in China who

celebrate the birth of Christ by decorating their houses. They

decorate Christmas trees called "trees of light" with paper

lanterns, chains, and flowers. Chinese children hang stockings and

wait on Santa Claus, whom they call dwyn-chuh-lau-oh-run which

means old man Christmas. The vast majority of Chinese are not

Christian. The main winter celebration in China is Chinese New

Year, toward the end of January. Officially called the "Spring

Festival", children receive toys and clothing, eat holiday meals,

and enjoy fireworks displays. An important part of Chinese New Year

is the reverence of ancestors. Portraits and paintings of deceased

relatives are brought out and hung in the main room of Chinese


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