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What are some Christmas social customs in Italy?

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Aside from the usual Holiday customs-and besar in mind the Religious angle is up there as Rome is the seat of the Catholic church (and has 400 Churches) There are some uniquely Italian yuletide customs. I am indebted to my Aunt Rose who lived between l897 and l987 and grew up in Italy. On Christmas Eve in the Old Coujtry the biggest field pieces are limbered out of the Armory and emplaced on the Banks of the River Tiber under cover of darkness. at precisely 2359-2400 Hrs-Midnight the big 305 (A twelve inch siege mortar) fires off a Star Shell that arches over the river and is said to simulate the Star of Bethelehm, the Italian love of fireworks plays in here. I don"t now if this custom is still followed. it smacks more of a martial holiday like July 4 Than Christmas but was int he old days and I guess well into the Twenties. papersw would show the big c annon being emplaced- Holiday military maneuvers would read the captions. A 305 Lobbing a multicolor star shell would be visible all over town, Merry Christmas to all and to all a Big Blast! &Unusual but rarely commented on and so Italian. So goes the Christmas Cannon (not the pachHebel canon which is a musical composition)

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What are some of the customs in italy?

Italian customs are filled with festivals and holidays. Catholicism is important to the people of Italy so saints are celebrated.

What are some customs and traditions of Italy?

Some customs and traditions of Italy are catholism, olive oil, fascism, pasta, gold and fruit trees/ vines everywhere. Also a very traditional Christmas day. Also, building a ceppo ( a sort of a Italian Christmas tree also known as the tree of light) near Christmas time is a past time. Having a feast of seafood on Chritsmas eve also. For children on Christmas, they expect La Befana (instead of Santa!) to give them gifts.

What are some Austrian customs?

# Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Holleween.

What are some Christmas symbols in Italy?

la befana Christmas markets

What are some traditions and customs associated with Christmas?

Christmas dinner family gets together gift giving

What are some traditions they do in Italy for Christmas?

They go to there family houses and celebrate Christmas there.

What are some traditions customs or celebrations associated with Christmas?

Mistletoe, Christmas trees, presents, Usually a star on top of the christmas tree.

What are some symbols for Italy in Christmas time?


What are some of the colonial Christmas customs?

they preyed before they ate and they thanked god for eveything

What are the customs for Christmas in Australia?

Some Christmas customs in Australia include attending the church on Christmas Eve, having a barbecue, turkey dinner, gift giving on Christmas Eve and many others. A very popular event in the Christmas season is Carols in the Candlelight, where people meet, light candles and sing together.

What are some of the holidays celebrated in Italy?

Natale (Italian word for Christmas) Natale (Italian word for Christmas)

What are some traditions in Italy at Christmas time?

to eat cookies and fries

What kind of Christmas festivities are there in Italy?

In Italy the Christmas festivals are really the same as those in America only in some little towns may the make a big deal about this

Is there a Christmas tree in Italy for Christmas?

Italy certainly includes Christmas Trees in its Yuletide celebrations. However, in recent years ( maybe the new Pope has some bearing on this) there is a tendency to get them out of or tone them down- in actual churches.

When do Japanese people celebrate Christmas?

Japanese people generally do not celebrate Christmas. Most of them are not Christians. However, some have adopted the customs such as exchanging presents.

What has the author Mike Royko written?

Mike Royko has written: 'One More Time' -- subject(s): Social life and customs 'Early Royko' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Social life and customs, City and town life, History 'Like I was sayin'--' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'Slats Grobnik and some other friends' -- subject(s): Social life and customs 'For the love of Mike' -- subject(s): Social life and customs 'Like I Was Saying'

Do people in Italy wear special clothes to celebrate Christmas?

Yes they do, some where Togas.

What are some of the new customs that signaled political change during the radical phase of the french revolution?

what were the social customs during the french revolution that signaled the political change

What are some customs of Algeria?

Some of the customs of Algeria is that the family is the most important unit of a social system. When dining, the men and the women usually sit separately. Women are usually required to dress modestly.

What are some social customs of Austria?

Social customs of Austria are often family-oriented. Families are generally small and closely-knit. Weekend social activities are centered around family outdoor activities. Sundays are reserved for visiting grandparents and other relatives and enjoying evening hikes.

What are some the national customs of France?

The most traditional custom of France is at Noel(Christmas) they put out wooden clogs by the doorway.

What are some celebrations in Italy?

Some celebrations are New Year's Eve, Christmas, and Easter. Italy is a predominantly Catholic country, so many of the celebrations are part of Christianity.Well there are quite a bit celebrations in Italy. Most are celebrated in the winter time such as Christmas, Saint Barbara Day, Carnevele and many more.

What are some Christmas traditions that are celebrated in both Italy and Australia?

i have no idea ha ha ha

Italian customs and traditions?

Some of the customs of Italy include Festa Della Repubblica, Ferragosto, and Presepe. Some of the country's customs include saying buongiorno and shaking hands when introduced to someone, kissing family and friends on the cheek when meeting up, and saying lei and tu when talking to someone.

Was Christmas always a Christian celebration?

Yes, Christmas is a Christian celebration although some other faiths celebrate it as a social event.