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What are some Financial statement analysis tools?

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1.Commansize Balence sheet analysis

2.Comparative Balence sheet analysis

3.Trend analysis

4.Ratio Analysis

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Give some topic relating to summer project in finance?

Financial statement analysis of a company.Loan procedure in a bankStudying the dividend policy of a companyRatio analysis of a company (although it is covered under Financial statement analysis)study of mutual fundscash management in an organization.

Difference between financial reporting and financial statement?

Financial report means any report about monitory matters. In other words a financial report is about the transactions that have financial effects. To run a business financial reports play important role as relevant financial information is transmitted to relevant users inside and outside the entity to help them in making decisions. For example; bank statement, aged debtors analysis report etc.Some financial statements are prepared on regular basis at equal intervals and some are prepared as and when needed. Some financial reports are meant only for management and some are communicated to people outside the entity as well.Financial statements on the other hand are also financial reports. But in the business and accounting the term financial statement has more of a formal status.Usually financial statements refer to either a statement included in the complete set of general purpose financial statements or a complete set of general purpose financial statements. And due the same reason whenever the term financial statement is used, it is often assumed that a report is about entity's financial position, financial performance, cash flows or fluctuations in equity.The term financial statement is usually used for all or any of the following statements:Statement of financial positionStatement of Comprehensive Income or Income StatementStatement of Cash FlowsStatement of Changes in EquityAs said earlier that financial statements are in fact financial reports but presented following a certain set of instructions as given by applicable financial reporting framework. For example International Financial Reporting Standards.Majority of financial reports for internal purposes have such format or presentation rules that are set by the management or the user himself and sometimes no particular format is followed. In addition to that some financial reports are prepared on regular basis after equal intervals and some are prepared only when they are needed and are named as contingency reports. Financial statements are one of such reports that are prepared on regular basis as specific entities are required to do so according to applicable laws.In the end, again there is no difference between the terms financial statement and financial report. But their usual interpretation and meaning in the financial and accountancy world is somewhat different.

Describe the diffferences between financial statement income and taxable income?

There is some difference in financial statement income as well as taxable income as in financial statement income there are items which are not allowed by tax authorities and main item is depreciation. Other factors are that tax is deducted on income which is received while in financial statement income included revenue which is not received or accrual items that needs to be adjusted as well that's why financial statement income and taxable income is not same.

What are the Tools and techniques of Data analysis?

There are many tools for data analysis: R language, SAS, SPSS, Excel, SQL, esProc, Matlab, etc. I just list a some. For techniques of data analysis, I think that depends on different people and different demands.

Is there software for personal financial analysis?

Yes there are several types of software for personal financial analysis. First, you need to figure out what you EXACTLY want to analyze. For example, do you want a report card of your financial position? Or, do you need to figure out how much of a house you can afford with your current budget. There are A LOT of other things you should analyze too, just use Google for some general information about "personal financial analysis." One thing I talk a lot about is ProfitCents. ProfitCents is a web-based software application that, at its core, does complicated financial analysis. There are several modules in ProfitCents like non-profit financial analysis, for-profit business analysis, and personal financial analysis. The ProfitCents tool for personal analysis is called "My ProfitCents." This application can provide you with a written explanation of your finances. It's easy-to-use and can be accessed from any computer with internet.

What are the merits and demerits of ratio analysis?

Financial ratio analysis is a useful tool for users of financial statement. It has following advantages:AdvantagesIt simplifies the financial statements.It helps in comparing companies of different size with each other.It helps in trend analysis which involves comparing a single company over a period.It highlights important information in simple form quickly. A user can judge a company by just looking at few numbers instead of reading the whole financial statements.LimitationsDespite usefulness, financial ratio analysis has some disadvantages. Some key demerits of financial ratio analysis are: Different companies operate in different industries each having different environmental conditions such as regulation, market structure, etc. Such factors are so significant that a comparison of two companies from different industries might be misleading.Financial accounting information is affected by estimates and assumptions. Accounting standards allow different accounting policies, which impairs comparability and hence ratio analysis is less useful in such situations.Ratio analysis explains relationships between past information while users are more concerned about current and future information.

Disadvantages of financial audits?

Financial statements give an idea about the financial position of the company, however, there are some limitations of the financial statements. The first limitation is that a financial statement ignores the productivity and the skills of the employees in an organization. Management Decision Analysis Report gives an idea about it but financial statements are unable to evaluate the skills which a company has. Secondly, balance sheet does not give timely and relevant information because it is based on historical costs and it does not give a fair idea about the current position of the company. There are different accounting measurement systems therefore, use of different techniques by different companies can make the comparisons of financial statements difficult. Moreover, income statement is considered a fiction because cash is king and income statement ignores this fact.

What are the Sources of Data for Financial Ratios?

Financial ratios of all company's can be calculated based on their financial statements that would be declared during their quarterly result announcement. Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cashflows, Statement of Earnings etc are some of the documents from which the information required for calculating these financial ratios can be picked up. Also, if the company is listed in the stock market, its current stock price too is used for calculating some of these ratios.

What are the types of financial statements?

Commonly, financial statements consist of the BALANCE SHEET, INCOME STATEMENT, STATEMENT OF STOCKHOLDERS EQUITY and the CASH FLOW STATEMENT. Different industries and businesses have different names for some of the statements and add to, or use combination of, the forms above. The not-for-profit industry, for example, generally calls the balance sheet the STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION and the income statement the STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES. In business and analytical circles, the document containing the auditors report, the collection of applicable statements, and the accompanying notes are collectively referred to as the financial statements. -APMc

What is the meaning of ratio analysis types of ratio analysis importance of ratio analysis?

RATIO ANALYSIS Meaning and definition of ratio analysis: Ratio analysis is a widely used tool of financial analysis. It is defined as the systematic use of ratio to interpret the financial statements so that the strength and weaknesses of a firm as well as its historical performance and current financial condition can be determined. The term ratio refers to the numerical or quantitative relationship between two variables. Significance or Importance of ratio analysis: • It helps in evaluating the firms performance: With the help of ratio analysis conclusion can be drawn regarding several aspects such as financial health, profitability and operational efficiency of the undertaking. Ratio points out the operating efficiency of the firm i.e. whether the management has utilized the firm's assets correctly, to increase the investor's wealth. It ensures a fair return to its owners and secures optimum utilization of firms assets •It helps in inter-firm comparison: Ratio analysis helps in inter-firm comparison by providing necessary data. An interfirm comparison indicates relative position.It provides the relevant data for the comparison of the performance of different departments. If comparison shows a variance, the possible reasons of variations may be identified and if results are negative, the action may be intiated immediately to bring them in line. •It simplifies financial statement: The information given in the basic financial statements serves no useful Purpose unless it s interrupted and analyzed in some comparable terms. The ratio analysis is one of the tools in the hands of those who want to know something more from the financial statements in the simplified manner.

What debate is there about how a situational analysis should begin?

The steps to be taken in a situational analysis are largely agreed upon, though there does exist some debate as to whether one starts with a mission statement or with an analysis of the state of the organization.

Which type of financial statement includes information about retained earnings and dividends?

A retained earnings statement contains information about retained earnings and dividends. Some companies also refer to this a profit and loss statement.

What are the basic parts of marketing plan?

Some key elements of a marketing plan are as follows:Situational analysisAnalyzing your marketPreparing a competitive analysisThe macroenvironmentSWOT analysisMarketing mixFinancial ramificationsBreak-even analysisSales forecastBudget

What are some factors that should managers take into consideration when using financial ratio analysis to make decisions?

Jake derbyshire.

How do you measure asset quality of banks?

The asset quality of bank cannot be measured alone by relying on Financial Statement Reports (Balance Sheet). You have to check the AUDITED Financial Statements and the Confidential Management Letter issued by the External Auditor for detailed analysis and material findings about the asset accounts. In some countries, such assets quality measure and other material findings were discussed in the notes to the financial statements and in the qualified independent auditor's report .

What is a statement?

A statement can be : a sentence a testament to an event a philosophy a monthly history of financial transactions a line or reference in a computer program "Making a statement" is an idiom for expressing a concept, view or opinion in some overt way, such as an action or demonstration. This also applies to political statement.

Where can one find mutual fund analysis online?

Mutual fund analysis tools are available online from many different websites. Some examples of these websites include Better Investing and Mutual Funds.

Apllication of statistics in business?

Statistics is applied in business in a number of ways. Some of these applications include: financial analysis, auditing, planning and econometrics.

What are the features of executive support system?

Features of an Executive support system can vary depending on an organization's needs. Some features would be analysis tools, reporting tools, information navigation, and exception monitoring.

IS your new wife cosidered as a dependent in a child support financial statement?

No, but in some states her income is added to yours. see link

Some individuals argue that accountants should focus on producing financial statements and leave the design and production of managerial reports to information systems specialists?

simply because they report the financial statement to the user

Which financial statement or statements would be of most interest to creditors?

Balance Sheet!!maybe some kind of balance that have deposite.and it current only...

What are some steps for creating a thesis statement for a multiple-perspective analysis essay?

Decide on one point from each perspective, and then synthesize these points

Financial Analysis: Assessing Business Health and Longevity?

Businesses need guidance and measuring devices in order to make accurate decisions about continuing or discontinuing certain operations; investing or borrowing money; acquiring property and machinery, and hiring personnel. Financial analysis explains the profitably, stability, and viability of a business or a company project.Financial analysis is usually done using ratios taken from company information like financial statements and other business tracking tools. Past performance is divided into time periods and is compared to present performance. Future probabilities are then projected from that information. Comparative performance is also measured using percentages so firms can see how they are trending within a certain market or with how their products stack-up against the competition.Company solvency and company liquidity are also measured using information from balance sheets which indicated the financial situation of the company at a given point in time. Income statements and balance sheets are used to identify the company's stability. Those statements plus other financial indicators are studied to assess the firm's ability to stay in business if a sudden market downturn occurs that results in significant losses.Financial Ratios Offer Businesses Several Financial Analysis ChallengesSeasonal factors can distort financial ratios and so can investor behavior that is not based on the general economy or economic fundamentals so many financial analysts use percentage analysis and comparative analysis in order to get a more accurate picture of a company's performance for specific time periods.Percentage analysis involves quantifying an item or groups of items as a percentage of another item. Cost items are expressed as a percentage of gross sales and net income is expressed as a percentage of total sales less total expenses. Comparative analysis lists sales and cost figures side-by-side for two or more periods for easy analysis.Some businesses use all three types of financial analysis to study growth, company solvency, and future potential. When financial analysts have the correct figures the health and life of any company is always in the hands of top management. The health of a company can change drastically in just one period, but if a financial analysis is done on a regular basis the business should be prepared for the change.

How do you work on IT asset management. And what are the types of analysis done on it.?

hi, I don't know much about the types of analysis, i will tell you what i know which will definetely be helpful for you. Actually IT Asset Management has three types of analysis Financial Analysis, Operational Analysis and Workforce analysis. And to say about IT Asset Management its function is to support Management over the IT environment. To get some more detailed idea about this follow the link which i have referred previously.