What are some Irish traits?

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Many Irish are talkative, inquisitive about people and places, helpful, open, good company, interested in sport, etc etc. they tend to hate saying "no" to your face, so they are notoriously indirect when it comes to criticism, rejection etc. time keeping is often seen as a very honourable aspiration but nobody really expects an eight o'clock meeting to start at eight! definitely philosophical about life the universe and all of that. and, like anywhere else, some of us are just plain boring!!

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Q: What are some Irish traits?
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What dominant and recessive traits do Irish people have?


Why do Irish people have ginger on their skin?

Some Irish people do, but many don't. It is the genes of some Irish people in the same way various traits can be found in other countries.

What are some Irish personality traits?

Good sense of humor. Hospitable. Love of music. Independent. Relaxed and easy-going.

What are the physical traits of Irish?

There are a variety of typical traits of Irish people. These include being fair skinned, blue eyes, red hair or dark hair, as well as tall genes.

What are dominant and recessive traits of the Irish people?

Only approximately 10 percent of the Irish are redheaded and red hair is a recessive trait.

How are some traits are inherited?

There are some traits that are inherited from the family. Some of the traits that are inherited are eyes,hair color and blood.

How do you get traits?

traits are in your genes. some are hereditary

Explain how some traits are inherited?

There are some traits that are inherited from the family. Some of the traits that are inherited are eyes,hair color and blood.

What are some Irish physical traits like appearance hair etc?

Well the red hair is kind of a myth, only about 4% of the Irish population have red hair. For the most part the Irish have brown or almost black hair with very fair skin.The following traits are dominant in modern Irish people: medium brown and dark brown hair, pale skinned and freckled to some extent (40%), blue eyes or light mixed colour eyes (blue-brown). The dark brown is sometimes called "black" in a European context.

Irish physical traits?

Irish often have red hair, or very dark brown hair. They often have fair complexions with freckles. However, there are many other Irish people that look nothing like this.

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What are some traits affected by?

some traits are affected by the enviornment, mutations, and your DNA.

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