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Some Mexican nationals with their inventions include:

  • Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena: GNOME (GNU Network Model Environment) GUI for Unix/Linux Operating Systems.
  • Armando M. Fernández: the mousepad.
  • Guillermo Gonzales Camarena: Color television.
  • Luis Miramontes: co-inventor of Contraceptive pill.
  • Victor Celorio: Book On Demand, as well as a set of Distributed Printing technologies in which an e-book is distributed among many printing centers as required for immediate production and delivery.
  • Jose Hernandez Rebollar: Acceleglove, a glove that can translate sign language into speech.
  • Heberto Castillo: Tridilosa, a light and highly resistant material made from steel and concrete and widely used in civil engineering.
  • Maria Gonzales: Invasive amebiasis diagnostic methods.
  • Felipe Vadillo: Method of predicting premature fetal membrane rupture in pregnant women.
  • Juan Lozano: The rocket belt.
  • Emilio Sacristan: air-pressure powered driver for pneumatic ventricular assist device (VAD).

Some older, low-tech inventions include:

  • The '$' sign, used by many currencies around the world.
  • Mexico introduced chocolate to the world (Aztec: xocolatl), (Maya: chocolha).
  • Also corn, beans, tomatoes and many species of squash were domesticated in Mexico.
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Q: What are some Mexican inventions?
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