Mother's Day

What are some Mother's Day gift ideas?

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  1. Her favorite kind of flowers
  2. Chocolate/candy
  3. Jewelry - handmade or store bought
  4. Clothes
  5. Go to a nice spa and book a nice treatment
  6. Gift card to her favorite store
  7. Magazines or magazine subscription
  8. Anything handmade is always great! Scrapbook, painting,

    jewelry, etc. are a couple!

  9. My Mom is a BIG tea drinker so I was thinking of getting the

    "You Are Always Loved" Mugs =) Who doesn't enjoy drinking out of a

    mug that always tells you that you are loved?

  10. You can never go wrong with breakfast in bed
  11. Handmade card
  12. Make a card yourself and get her earrings or something she

    needs (ex. foot warmers)

  13. Spend time with her - go and watch a movie, take her for

    dinner, or something that you thing she 's going to like.

  14. Make her a homemade card
  15. Make her a CD with her favorite songs on it
  16. Write her a song
  17. Write her a poem
  18. Give her a coupon book
  19. Make her something like a slideshow (Smilebox link below)
  20. Take her out to eat!
  21. Bottle of wine
  22. Wine of the month/beer of the month club membership - she needs

    it, after all!

  23. Personalized corkscrew
  24. Her favorite perfume
  25. Nowadays I simply put money in a card so my mum can choose what

    to spend it on

  26. If you don't think spending money is your thing however, you

    could try doing something nice, such as breakfast in bed, or

    cleaning the house, or perhaps taking her somewhere nice for the

    day. It's really just to show you care.

  27. Framed family photo
  28. Take the family photo you have to a portrait painting studio

    and ask for an enlargement. Order it in a frame for a wonderful

    portrait painting.

  29. Personalized phone case
  30. For the gardener - gardening tools, gloves, seeds, a


  31. A nice scarf - handmade or store bought
  32. Candles
  33. Candle holders
  34. Tea pot/coffee maker
  35. Coffee/tea
  36. Beauty items - Clarisonic, new curlers, lip gloss, chapstick,

    nail polish

  37. MP3 player
  38. Sunglasses
  39. Sunglasses case
  40. For the cook - cookbook, cooking utensils, apron, cutting

    board, crockpot

  41. New camera
  42. Camera bag/accessories
  43. Photo albums
  44. Books, bookmark
  45. Kindle Fire
  46. iPad
  47. Monogrammed iPad case
  48. Watch
  49. New wine glasses
  50. Wine glass charms
  51. New purse/satchel/briefcase
  52. Foot bath kit
  53. For the outdoorsy woman - golf clubs, hydration pack, new

    backpack, hat

  54. Lotion/body wash/body spray basket
  55. Mother's necklace/ring - include her birthstone, as well as the

    birthstones of each child

  56. Hummingbird feeder
  57. Robe
  58. Portable speakers for her MP3 player
  59. Flavor infuser water bottle
  60. Tickets to a concert
  61. Jewelry box or jewelry armoire
  62. Personalized vase
  63. Insulated lunch bag for work
  64. Compact purse hanger
  65. Throw pillows
  66. Personalized platter
  67. Desk/wall clock for work
  68. Jar of homemade cookies
  69. New soft blanket
  70. Chenille socks
  71. Stationary (personalized or plain)
  72. Return address stamp
  73. Slippers
  74. Makeup bag
  75. Plush spa-like bath towel (or set of towels)
  76. Aromatic reed diffuser
  77. Personalized family garden stone
  78. The perfect hostess - beverage server, apron, platter
  79. A battery with a USB plug on it that fits in her purse for

    charging her phone

  80. New gloves
  81. Knitted earband warmer
  82. Comfy pajamas
  83. Hot air balloon ride
  84. Make a family tree and frame it
  85. Customized postal stamps
  86. Yoga mat
  87. Personalized coaster set
  88. Look up free events in your town - concerts, plays, museum

    tours, etc. - and then pick the one that Mom would love

  89. Do some household/yard chores that need to be done.
  90. Sleep mask
  91. Bouquet of balloons
  92. Picnic with Mom!
  93. Live near the beach? New beach towel, sunscreen, and


  94. Take her out for dessert
  95. Personalized mouse pad
  96. Bonsai tree growing kit
  97. Wind chime
  98. Personalized pet bowl for her furry friend
  99. Tickets to a play
  100. Her favorite movie on DVD
  101. Laptop case
  102. There are some cool Mom's mug on White mug with

    a heart on it and a sign 'I love my mom'.

Of course, the best gift you can give is love. Good luck, and

happy Mother's Day!

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