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WikiAnswers will not provide insults in any language.

Bullying is an ongoing problem and this site is actively working to reduce bullying everywhere.

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What are some Spanish insults to your brother?

Me cago en tu madre!

What are some insults of the 1940s?


What are some insults that start with o?


What are some insults that start with the letter I?


What are some insults that start with r?

You are "rude".

What are some jamaican insults?

Call them a blood clot

What are some insults that begin with the letter Q?


What are some insults that start with a?

Asinine is an insult. It begins with the letter a.

What are some insults starting with the letter r?

rectum sucker

What are some of the racist insults to Othello in the play?


Insults beginning with the letter l?

insults starting with the letter L

What are some dutch insults?

lul (dick) sukkel (stupid) idioot (idiot)

Where to find insults?

Rude people are an excellent source of insults. Also Chavs

What are some insults that begin with the letter D?

Insults that start with the letter d:daffydensederangeddimwitteddisgustingdishonestdopeydowdydrunkdulldysfunctional

What are some insults in cajun french that arent curse words?

Couillon - fool, idiot

What are insults for lesbians?

Why would you need insults? Lesbians are people too don't diss them

If your lover insults your family what shud that girl do?

If anyone insults your family you have got a problem but there are some things that you may not know have your family done anything to the person that insulted them ? If you think no ask them talk to them and say why ?

What was some obstacles that Beyonce face?

she had to overcome all the harsh insults while becoming a singer

What are some insults that start with u?

· ugly · uneducated · unfit · unsavory · unstable · unwelcome · useless

What are the release dates for Familiar Insults - 2008?

Familiar Insults - 2008 was released on: USA: 2008

What defines inciting someone to commit violence?

Usually done by the use of 'fighting words' (e.g.: family insults - racial insults - sexual orientation insults - etc) or by constant imminent threat of physical attack.

Is it normal if a girl laughs or smiles if someone insults you?

Take it from a real nerd if sombody insults me the will usually laugh or rub it in

What are some good insults like funny and good no grade school stuff?

The term 'good insult' is an oxymoron.

What are some insults with really big words?

Your intellect is deeply submersed in a pool of pillock. It basically means you are stupid.

What are some skyrim insults to call people?

I hope you go to Oblivion! I hope you fall off High Hrothgar!