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Saturn is the least dense of all the planets and could float in water. Saturn has an extensive ring system.

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Are their unusual features on Saturn?


What are some unusual characteristics on Saturn?


What are some unusual features of jupiter?


What are some unusual features on Mars?

mars has volcanoes

What were some of the unusual features of the ichthyosaurs and the plesiosaurs?

It was herbivorous

What are some outstanding features of the planet Saturn?

hi there i am an 11 years old girl doig a projet on Saturn and one of the questions is to find some outstanding features for the planet Saturn. are you able to help? thanks

What are some geographical features on saturn?

It's a ball of gas. It doesn't have geographical features.

What are some unusual land features in Georgia?

wat is georgi

Do killer whales have unusual features?

no, there is other mammals that have most unusual features

What is two unusual land features in Pennsylvania?

two unusual land features in pennsylvania are two land features that are unusual or in other words deformed

What are some unusual features that Venus has?

its fat and wierd and redish ,orange

Does Saturn have tectonics?

There are indications that the planet Saturn may have tectonics. There are some features that have been exhibited by Saturn and also Jupiter besides the earth.

What kind of land features are on Saturn?

Saturn has no land features. It is completely made of gas.

What are some unusual features of a t-rex?

Their unusually short arms

What are some special features on the planet Saturn?

a special feature would be that Saturn is named after a roman god Saturnus. :-! O:-)

What are unusual features of Saturn?

Saturn has a couple of very unusual features. First, it has rings. LOTS of rings. Big, showy, lovely rings, probably made mostly of ice. The other gas giant planets also have rings, but they are little and dark, and hardly visible. Second, the density of Saturn is very low for a planet. The gasses that make up Saturn are mostly helium and hydrogen, and they take up a lot of space without adding much mass. The overall density of Saturn is actually less than 1, where 1 is the same density as water. If there were a bathtub big enough, Saturn would float.

Does mars have any unusual features?

Mars does have a few unusual features. Some include its red color and polar ice caps. There are also areas of this planet that change color which is a unique feature.

What is unusual about the wind System of saturn?

Saturn has some of the fastest winds in the Solar System. At the equator, winds have been tracked at 1,100 miles per hour.

Do all sentient species have unusual features?

Yes. All sentient species do have unusual features. But for now, it is unknown.

What are some unusual features of Chile?

It is very extoic and there are very many undiscovered areas

Is there anything unusual or special about Saturn?

Saturn is the only gas giant with a visible ring system

What are some special features on Neptune?

Neptune has rings like Saturn and 13 moons.

What are Saturn land features?


Does Mars have rings or any other unusual features?

There are many unusual features of the planet Mars. The planet is known for its unusual color of rust. The planet also has huge volcanoes.

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half their body is actually a giant testicle. blew my mind.