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What are some Weaknesses of the precede model?

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The Precede-Proceed model was developed by Dr. Lawrence W. Green and his colleagues. It is a cost-benefit evaluation framework that can help efficiently design health programs.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Thomson's atomic model?Read more: What_are_the_strengths_and_weaknesses_of_Thomson's_atomic_model

No, precede is a verb.

There is no homophone for the word precede.

The antonym of precede is follow.

Precede means to come or go before.e.g. Elders are forerunners who precede their descendants.

Dinner will precede the party.

the cat allowed me to precede him to the door

The cat allowed me to precede him to the door.

fire and rot was there main weaknesses

Emily allowed Cierra to precede her.

There are some weaknesses but these are being addressed

Here is a sentence that uses the word precede. Tea and hors d'oeuvres will precede the President's speech at 6 pm.

Strength and weakness of Bohr’s atomic model: Strength:

Symptoms precede an illness; prodrome

To precede something or someone is to come before it. A sentence using this word would be: At the event tomorrow, the parade with precede lunch.

Her shower should precede going to bed. Precede describes something that comes before another thing in time or in order.

The word precede is a verb (precede, precedes, preceding, preceded), meaning to come before something in time or position.Example sentences:The party will precede her birthday by a couple of days, so she will be surprised.Marching bands usually precede the floats in a parade.

It can fall apart.It is fun and you can yous your emaganation

The Rutherford model involved an atom where negative and positive charges are mixed.

The cat allowed me to precede him through the door.

I was about to precede the driving test but the car went out of control :)

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