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He was president

Some accomplishments as president:

  • Panama Canal treaties
  • Camp David Accords
  • treaty of peace between Egypt and Israel
  • the SALT II treaty with the Soviet Union
  • establishment of U.S. diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China
  • comprehensive energy program conducted by a new Department of Energy
  • deregulation in energy, transportation, communications, and finance
  • educational programs under a new Department of Education
  • environmental protection legislation, including the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.

During his presidency, he was frequently mocked -- this was undeserved, a political ploy by his opponents-- and as a result he has been undervalued in the U.S. The Nobel Prize committee, however, awarded the Peace Prize to him for his continuing efforts.

If you want to see his long list of accomplishments AFTER the Presidency check out the Carter Center. They have done amazing work. He has turned out to be one of the greatest humanitarians of our time.


You can find a biography of President Carter at the Carter Center website[http://www.cartercenter.org/news/experts/jimmy_carter.html
Also look at the Wikipedia entry, at

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