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What are some accomplishments of john hancock?

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How did John Hancock achieve his accomplishments?


What accomplishments did John Hancock do?

he was a prominent merchent in Boston

What were some accomplishments of John Hancock?

he went to harvard, was the first to sign the declaration of independence, was rich, and other stuff that i didn't pay attention about.

What is the saying about John Hancock?

Can I have your John Hancock?

How did John Hancock get his name?

From his father John Hancock Jr. and his father John Hancock Sr.

How was John Hancock accused of smuggling?

the bristian toke one of john Hancock ships and said he was smuggling some goods

Who did John Hancock marry?

John Hancock married Dorothy Quincy Hancock

What was John Hancock profession?

John Hancock was a merchant

Did John Hancock have a ponytail?

No, John Hancock did not have a ponytail.

Was John Hancock single?

no john Hancock was married

What was John Hancock importance?

Why was John Hancock importance

Where did John Hancock die?

John Hancock died at Hancock Manor in Boston, Massachusetts.

What does i need your John Hancock mean?

"John Hancock" is presumably the problematic term in that phrase, the rest of it is pretty straightforward. "John Hancock" is slang for "signature", coming from the very prominent signature of John Hancock on the US Declaration of Independence. The John Hancock Life Insurance company had a commercial jingle featuring the line "put your John Hancock on the John Hancock".

Was John Hancock Catholic?

No, John Hancock was not a Catholic. His father was Reverend John Hancock who was a local clergyman in the church.

Who is john Hancock related to?

john hancock jr. his son

What is your John Hancock?

A person's "John Hancock" is his or her signature. It is an idiom taken from the fact that John Hancock had such a prominent signature on the Declaration of Independence.

What did John Hancock do for the Continental Congress?

John Hancock was the Chairman of the Congress

What did John Hancock do before the war?

what did John Hancock do before the war?

Did John Hancock write the declaration?

no john Hancock did not write the declaration.

Acronyms for john Hancock?

John Hancock had the biggest signature on the Constitution

How tall is John Lee Hancock?

John Lee Hancock is 6'.

Who signed the Declaration of Independence first?

John Hancock.

Does John Hancock mean big?

The typical meaning for John Hancock is your signature. So when someone asks you for your "John Hancock" they are asking for your signature.

Who is related to John Hancock?

Jayda Hancock

Who is John Hancock a sibling of?

another Hancock