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What are some achievements and contributions from the Ancient Greeks?

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drama, theater stuff, poetry,& architecture. thatquestion was right off my homework and it's right out of my social studies book.

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What are some engineering achievements of ancient Greeks?

The Greeks built bridges. Also the made sewer and water systems.

Why did the achievements of the ancient Greeks influence western culture?

They produced good models of architecture, the arts and government, some of which were worth copying.

Did the Ancient Greeks write on scrolls?

Yes some ancient Greeks wrote on scrolls.

What are some of the cultural achievements of the Greeks?

They are credited with the invention of democracy and philosophy.

Achievements of art in Augustan Age?

what are some achievements of ancient Rome Augustan Age

What are some of the contributions of ancient china and how did they benefit their society?

Some of the contributions of ancient China include silk production, mechanical clocks, compasses

Who were the ancestors of modern day Greeks?

The Ancestors of modern Greeks are the Ancient Greeks. Some Greeks however, have got mixed ancestory as with every country, but on the whole, according to DNA testing as recent as 2012, about 90% of modern Greeks have the same DNA as that of the Ancient Greeks and are therefore descendants of the Ancient Greeks.

What is the Contribution of Ancient Greece?

Some of the contributions of ancient Greeks are: The alphabet, pottery, art, architecture, sports - Olympic Games, philosophy, astronomy, science, physics, geometry, navigation, literature, drama, comedy, theater, law and order.

What are some ancient African achievements?

they seem to have none. Nobody has an answer.

What are some achievements of Ancient Egyptian?

mathematics, architecture, medicine

What are some achievements in ancient Egypt?

Some achievements in ancient Egypt is the calendar, they were the first to preform surgery, they made the first medical textbook, and a lot more. I know this because I had to do a project on it!

What were some ancient greek achievements?

The Parthenon, the Acropolis, the Theater of Dionysus, Tragedy, Comedy, The Iliad and The Odyssey; Literature, Sculpture, Architecture; the first sustained Democracy, Western Philosophy, and Euclidean Geometry, are just a few of Ancient Greece's contributions to civilization.

What are some Muslim intellectual achievements and contributions?

There are remarkable achievements and contributions from Muslim intellects from golden age till now. The known Muslim intellectual contributions are, algebra by Islamic mathematician al-Khwarizmi, "Canon on Medicine" book written by Islamic physician Ibn Sina, Their achievements are also evident in arts and literature, science and technology , astronomy etc.

What are some ancient Egyptian scientific achievements?

mathematics, architecture, medicine . . .

What are some achievements of architecture in ancient rome?

The Colosseum, their hippodromes and amphitheatres.

What were some activities the Ancient Greeks did?

The ancient Greeks traveled to many far places. They built some incredible temples to their gods. They invented drama. They studied mathematics and medicine. Some were fine warriors.

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