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What are some advantages and disadvantages of oil?



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Advantages of oil: It is cheap, portable and has a high energy content. When used for electricity generation, it can meet sudden changes in demand more readily than coal-fired generators, which have a long startup period.

Disadvantages of oil: Dependence on oil can have geopolitical impacts, for example the risk of disruptions to supply. As with coal, burning oil results in emission of carbon dioxide, which contributes to the greenhouse effect. Compared to burning natural gas, oil produces more carbon dioxide, since gas is converted partly into carbon dioxode and partly into water.


  • a large amount of products have oil or oil byproducts in them (toothpaste, asphalt, plastic containers, etc.)
  • provides many jobs
  • creates a mass amount of revenue


  • not necessarily good for the environment
  • oil spills, such as the one cause by BP have a huge negative impact on the natural environment
  • wars have been fought over oil

These are just some examples of pros and cons.