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US SHIPS: * Three aircraft carriers: Hornet, Enterprise, Yorktown * Eight cruisers * Fourteen Destroyers * Some submarines shielding the fleet (but not in the battle itself)

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What are the names of some ships that fought at the Battle of Midway?

The Japanese aircraft carriers Akagi , Hiryu , Kaga , Soryu and the US carriers Enterprise , Hornet , Yorktown .

How man ships were at the Battle of Midway?

The answer is a tricky one because of two sticky points. The definition of a "ship" varies somewhat, and "at Midway" is also subject to interpretation. The United States had 3 aircraft carriers and about 20 - 25 support ships. About 18 US submarines were also thought to be in the area, but they were used as picket vessels and did not engage the enemy. Japan had a strike force with 4 aircraft carriers, plus about 15 support ships. All of these were in the battle. Japan had at least one submarine, but likely many more were in the area. There was a Japanese invasion force which was held back during the battle, which had two light aircraft carriers, 4 battleships, and about 41 support vessels. After the Battle of Midway, the damaged US carrier Yorktown was sunk by a Japanese submarine. The destroyer Hamann was also sunk. Five other destroyers involved in towing and protecting Yorktown were undamaged. The total number of ships involved in some way around Midway would be about 115; but those closely involved in the battle would be only about 12 (seven carriers, three cruisers, two submarines).

What were the names of the 4 Japanese aircraft carriers that America took out in Pearl Harbor?

At the Battle of Pearl Harbor, the US did not attack or sink any Japanese ships. It wasn't until the Battle of Midway a few months later that the US got revenge by sinking or damaging some of their carriers that were involved in the Pearl Harbor attack.

What happened in the middle of the Battle of Midway?


How many planes did the axis powers have in the Battle of Midway?

The japanese sought a major defeat of US forces at Midway with four front-line aircraft carriers, the Kaga--90 aircraft, Akagi--91 aircraft, Soryu--73 aircraft, Hiryu--73 aircraft, a total thus of some 327 aircraft carried by all four carriers. In addition to this number, most of their other fleet units carried one or more flaot planes. All four carriers and their planes and pilots were lost Volkhava About 250 but nearly all destroyed

Which branches of military were used at the Battle of Midway?

USN and some USMC

Did Columbus's ships get shipwrecked?

Yes, some of the ships sank in battle.

What was first naval combat ever carried out completely by aircraft?

The first major naval battle where the opposing sides used aircraft was the Battle of Midway between the United States and Japan. Battle of Midway, decisive naval engagement of World War II, which gave the United States sea power over the Japanese. It was fought in June 1942 near the Midway Islands by Japanese and U.S. aircraft carriers.In early June, American naval reconnaissance planes observed, at a distance of 966 km (600 mi) a Japanese armada of some 185 ships advancing on the Midway Islands. On June 4 American fighters and bombers, sent from Midway airfields, and three aircraft carriers attacked the Japanese fleet. At the same time Japanese carrier-based planes attacked aircraft installations on Midway in preparation for an invasion; damage, however, was not sufficient to prevent the American planes from refueling and taking off again. During the ensuing battle between the American and Japanese naval forces, the two fleets neither saw each other nor exchanged gunfire; all contact was made by Japanese carrier-based planes and American land- and carrier-based planes. By the night of June 6, when contact by aircraft between the two fleets was lost, the defeat of the Japanese was accomplished. Losses for the Japanese combatants included four aircraft carriers, two cruisers, and three destroyers; those for the Americans were the aircraft carrier Yorktown and one destroyer.The victory at Midway terminated a major Japanese attempt to capture the islands as a possible prelude to an invasion of Hawaii. The success of the operation, only a month after the important but indecisive Battle of the Coral Sea, effectively tipped the balance of sea power in the Pacific Ocean in favor of the United States.

What was the impact on the war on the Battle of Midway?

Japan just lost four aircraft carriers with some of the best carrier dive bomber, torpedo bomber, and fighter airmen in the world. They could not be replaced (in time).

Why was The Battle of Midway an important event in World War 2?

Because it cripple the Japanese carrier fleet by sinking the Akagi, Soryu and the Kaga and damaging the Hiyu at the cost of the USS Yorktown. The Japanese Invasion was aborted. Yes, Midway was a turning point. The Japanese lost aircraft carriers that they could not replace. The US lost some ships, but not nearly as many as the other side. It was also an indication that the Japanese codes had been broken and much intelligence was available. The US actually lured the Japanese to Midway and surprised them there.

How many types of ships are there?

some types of ships are: ferry cruise ship frigate destroyer aircraft carrier

What were some key dates in the Battle of Midway?

4-7 June 1942

What are some World War 2 topics?

PeopleWinston ChurchillDwight D. EisenhowerHirohitoAdolf HitlerBenito MussoliniFranklin Delano RooseveltJoseph StalinHarry S. TrumanOskart SchindlerTerms and BattlesAllied PowersAxis PowersBattle of BritainBattle of GuadalcanalBattle of Iwo JimaBattle of MidwayBattle of OkinawaBattle of StalingradBattle of Normandy (D-Day)BlitzkriegGestapoS.S. (Schutzstaffel)V-E DayHolocaustConcentration CampsAuschwitzManhattan ProjectPropaganda PostersU-BoatsSubmarinesNaval ShipsAircraft CarriersAircraftTanksWeaponsNuremberg TrialsTreaty of Versailles

What was accomplishment in the battle of midway?

USN decisive victory.The simple fact that the US emerged as victor from the battle of Midway is not the reason for it being the turning point ... To summarize some of the above, and place more emphasis where it belongs:

What were some key Strategic decisions of the Battle of Midway?

Continue striking at Midway Island (with general purpose bombs) or arm with torpedos and go "carrier hunting."

What are some major battles that took place in world war 2?

Some major WWII battles include: Battle of Britain Battle of the Bulge Battle of Iwa Jima & Okinawa Battle of Leningrad Battle of Midway Battle of Pearl Harbor Battle of Stalingrad

What was unique about the Battle of Midway?

The unique thing about the battle of Midway was that the U.S. Navy was able to crack the Japanese code , that the invasion of the Aleutian Islands was a diversionary move on the part of the Japanese. The main force was to launch an aerial attack on Midway,to destroy the airstrip and the shorebatteries , then the second phase would land Japanese marines onto Midway itself, killing all opposition. The U.S. Navy, aware of Japanese intentions sent its last 3 aircraft carriers (Yorktown,Enterprise,Hornet) to a point north east of Midway.ADM.Nimitz put Midway Island on full alert, to make sure the island was ready to defend itself against any aerial and naval attacks thrown at them by the Japanese.While the ships sailed from Pearl Harbor,Midway sent out some Pby-Catalinas to search for the Japanese task force which left Japan a few weeks ago,which is traveling under cover of a storm.The Japanese task force was spotted by one of the Pby's from Midway and the rest is history.

Why does the military use ships?

The U.S. Navy has many different types of ships that each have certain roles. Some ships are: hospital ships, aircraft carriers, supply ships, destroyers, frigates, submarines, amphibious ships and hovercraft. There are many other types also.

What are some of the major battles?

There have been a variety of major battles in world history. These include the Battle of Gettysburg, the Invasion of Normandy, Battle of Midway, the Battle of the Bulge, as well as the Battle of Bunker Hill.

What are some Discoveries in Maine?

Some discoveries were the remains of ships and battle bullets and tanks!!

Are there survivors of Battle of Midway island?

The Battle of Midway took place in 1942, now seventy years ago. Veterans of the battle are now in their eighties and nineties so some are still with us. However, if you are asking in order to talk to one of the veterans about the battle or to simply honor them for their role in the battle, make it soon. We have a limited time to honor our heroes.

What were weapons used in the battle of Dunkirk?

Some of the weapons used in the Battle of Dunkirk were aircraft, anti-aircraft guns, field guns, tanks, and large caliber guns. The battle lasted from May 26 to June 4, 1940.

What are some decisive battles between the allied and axis powers?

Battle of Kiev leading to surrender or death of 600,000 German soldiers. Battle of Berlin obv, battle of midway, battle of Britain, Stalingrad and Lenin.

Where did the major battles in World War 2 take place?

Battle of France - invasion of France.Battle of Britain - aerial fighting over Britain.Battle of the Bulge - western front; France, Belgium, Luxembourg.Battle of Stalingrad - city in Russia.Battle of Midway - Midway Atoll.Battle of Normandy - Normandy, France.Battle of Berlin - city in Germany.These are some of the more major battles; others can easily be included in the list.

Did the Battle of Midway affect US History?

Any battle has SOME impact on US history. But it signifies the point where Japan started suffering losses that it could not recover from.