What are some animal careers?

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Some careers involving animals are as followed... Small animal veterinarian, Pet sitter and Exerciser, Bird Handler/ Interpreter, Exotic Animal Trainer, Horse Farm Owner, Zoologist, Herpetologist, Wildlife Management, Assistance Dog Trainer, ect... I myself would like to get a job involving animals most likely I would like to be a small animal veterinarian and study veterinary medicine. Also if you are intrested in becoming a veterinarian of any kind there are thousands of fields you are able to study within!

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. * Veterinary Physiotherapist * Zoologist * Wildlife Biologist * Animal Assisted Therapist * Animal Caretaker * Fisheries * Animal Welfare Lawyer * Groomer * Kennel Manager * Kennel Assistant * Veterinary Technician * Animal Research * Animal Control Officer * Zoo Keeper * Trainer * Animal Scientist * Breeder * Oceanographer * Veterinary Pathologist * Marine Biologist * Pet Taxi Driver * Animal Photographer * Animal Behaviorist * Ornithologist * Wildlife Rehabilitee * Veterinary Surgeon * Veterinary Nurse * Animal Nursing Assistant * Veterinary Receptionist * Veterinary Chiropractor * Veterinary Hospital * Veterinary Homeopath * Veterinary Osteopath * Veterinary Clinic * Veterinarian * Animal Care Attendant * Pet Shop * Pet Sitter * Animal Nutrition Specialist * Animal Care Manager * Animal Care Specialist * Gamekeeper * Animal Therapist * Animal Curator * Dog Walker * Pet Bakery * Ecologist * Wildlife Filmmaker * Dermatologist * Veterinary Assistant * Pet Stylist * Shelters/Humane Society * Pet Acupuncturist * Farmer * Teacher * Lab Animal Behaviorist * Behavioral Consultant * Herpetologist * Dog-Show Judge * Animal Journalist * Animal Illustrator * K-9 Staff vet zookeeper there are alot of jobs which include doing rspca work , farming , zoo work , vets , and others ..

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Q: What are some animal careers?
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What are some careers that involve working with animals?

vet animal dentist vetinary nurse animal behauviorist animal nutrisionist

What are careers working with animals?

There are many careers working with animals. Some of these are veterinarian, horse trainer, dog groomer, zookeeper, dairy farmer, and animal control officer.

What are 2 careers that help animals?

Two careers that help animals are, a veterinarian, and an animal rescuer.

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Careers for Animal Lovers?

Animals play an important role in our lives, and many want to find careers to help and care for animals. Veterinary careers do just that. Some of these occupations require only up to a year of schooling, while veterinarians require about six years of education. These careers provide care to pets, farm animals and exotic animals. Along with veterinarians, careers include veterinary technicians and assistants, as well as farm and animal laboratory care takers.

What is the name of the careers that start with the letter a?

Some careers that start with A are:agronomistanthropologistaccountantactorattorneyaviatoradmiralallergistapothecaryactuary

What are careers involving living things?

Veterinarian, Zoo, animal catching.

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The Illinois Department of Transportation offers many different types of careers. Some of these careers include the careers that offer services pertaining to practice and promotion of road safety.

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large animal vets,horse trainers equine vets,trainer,grooms,jockeys,breeders,etc.

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