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Pros: When 9/11 happened President Bush wanted to declare war because American Soil (other than Pearl Harbor) had never been touched by foreigners before. It was a shock to all especially the U.S. people. Western countries (including Canada) have always been under the impression we were all safe and out of reach. Because of the vastness of the U.S., they in particular thought they were not penetrable. The people of the U.S. looked up to their President for an explanation (perhaps he had none), confidence and truth. The people wanted to know how they were going to handle this and of course when one is attacked the first thing on one's mind is to attack back. Most countries refused to join the U.S., until there were more facts and President Bush snubbed NATO and separated from them. He threatened and bullied other countries (Canada included.) President Bush appeared to have it all summed up telling the people first it was Bin Laden and there were weapons of mass destruction and no country would ever again invade the U.S., without restitution, promising he would catch Bin Laden and also show that indeed there were weapons of mass destruction so he started the process of war. He wanted to send a message loud and clear. Then it was Hussein and after he was caught there was a great lull (not much heard in the news) and eventually Hussein was executed. Cons: When 9/11 happened President Bush was visiting a school and it took 3 times before it seemed to sink into his head that the U.S. was under terrorist attack. He appeared befuddled and obviously not sure of what his next duty was to be. That report came from some of the people with President Bush. President Bush spent fewer days in the oval office and more on vacation time than any other President previously. President Bush had warnings before 9/11, but it is not clear to this day why he did not heed these warnings. He lied to the people of the U.S., and didn't tell them at first that Bin Laden had been trained by the CIA and that he and his family were friends with President and Mrs. Bush. During "dead air space" and in secret he scurried the Bin Laden family OUT of the U.S.! The media got a hold of this information and he never did explain his reasoning's. President Bush was slow on the up-take and tried to make a speech on a pile of rubble at the Twin Towers and was asked to leave by one of the head firemen. Later that fireman had to retract his statement and I don't believe he should have, but was forced. The world watched to see what President Bush would do (not much.) His speeches were always about the U.S. people in the Twin Towers which aggravated many countries as there were so many people from other countries there and it was if he glazed over these other people. It wasn't all about America, but the world! Countries around the world were shocked this could have happened on American soil. He snubbed Canada when they offered help, but they went over in droves to help out anyway and when President Bush made his speech of thanks he left Canada right out of it, but later was forced by diplomatic purposes to apologize, but only said it wasn't done on purpose. The citizens of Canada rallied round and gave blood, clothing, water, etc. They did what they could as did many other countries, but never received much praise as humans coming together to help the U.S. No one blamed the American people and most of the world felt badly for them. The speeches that President Bush gave after 9/11 were lame and his eyes darted side-to-side (which people noticed) as if he had to be cued as to what he had to say. He was lost! Many countries including Canada saw for the first time that President Bush was not a strong president at all and our own fates were in his hands as well. During the Gulf War the U.S. and Canada lied to their soldiers and knew full well that the equipment such as gas masks and protective clothing were inferior and 60 Minutes had a program on that. President Bush sent a woman spokesperson to answer questions and the answers were appalling. It became clear when the soldiers came home from the Gulf War that they were very ill to the point of dwindling away. Their wives soon realized something was wrong and even admitted that during intercourse their husband's ejaculations were acidic and burned them (proof of this because that is why some young soldiers last year had their sperm frozen before going off to war.) The women took a stand against both government (who kept saying the men had a virus and the war had nothing to do with it) and eventually the battle was won, the U.S. and Canadian governments knew full well what they were doing and they had to compensate the soldiers and their families. It was a disgrace to both governments! When time kept going on and Bin Laden was never found (some say he is dead, some say he is hiding out) and no weapons of mass destruction were ever found more and more of the American people began to question President Bush's actions as did some of his senate. If you remember Colin Powell bowed out and later on 60 Minutes in a quiet tone said he couldn't take be part of it any longer and didn't particularly believe in this war, but said little else. I use to say to my husband when I saw Colin Powell make a speech that he looked like he'd been primed and was angry he had to utter the words and I felt he was a good man. Sure enough on 60 Minutes Colin Powell admitted (and with a hurt expression) said that one of the lower Aides came to him with a speech and simply said, "This is the one you are giving today." Of course Colin Powell had to agree at this time, but he didn't like it and soon left. I admire this man. Rumsfeld was another issue and the American people were wondering who else Bush had as a friend that he'd cover for. Rumsfeld made many mistakes, but he is no longer. When young men and women were dying in Iraq a news cast showed President Bush on his private Golf course and he looked up all smiles and said, "Proud of those young men and women" and hardly got that out of his mouth when he shouted, "Fore!" I wanted to put my foot through the TV at his arrogance and indifference. He didn't understand there were fathers, sons, brothers, mothers and sisters over in that war with families and the bottom line is he didn't care! President Bush gave the order that there were to be no more media coverage on caskets of dead soldiers coming off the airplanes and the U.S. and Canadian people began to smell a rat and shouted loud and clear! One could go on and on, but the end result is that most Americans feel lied too, feel their young soldiers should come back home and nothing has been resolved. At this point in time President Bush only has 23% of the people's vote and it's still going down! He knows he's in trouble and he's now trying to divert his speeches away from the war and onto other projects.

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