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Fear Factory, Sepultura, Meshuggah, Acid Bath, or Exhorder. Remember, though some say Nothingface is nu metal, they are actually heavier and darker than such bands as Slipknot and Mudvayne.

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What bands influenced the band Linkin Park?

Nine Inch Nail has influenced them to become a nu metal band. Listen to their songs at youtube:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Which bands were inspired by the Beatles?

I would say it's safe to say nearly everyone. If a band you listen to didn't directly listen to the Beatles, they were inspired by someone who did listen to the Beatles.

Bands with female lead singers?

Paramore- i recommend this band to all you rock lovers who dont like screamo or who cant listen to screamo like me i cant listen to itOTHER BANDS THAT I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT :PretendersHeartBananaramaBangles

Does rock music affect the youth?

Yes typically the youth tend to follow the styles of the band members of the bands they listen to.

What to do when your favorite band becomes boring?

Listen to other random songs or artists! Ask other people what bands or artists they like, and listen to their songs. Just be open, because you can like more than one band at the same time.

What stereotype am i i listen to only death metal deathcore and metalcore i wear a lot of band tees dropdead and Macbeth and i skateboard and wear only black like skinny jeans?

It all depends on what bands you do listen to, and what bands you represent on your T-shirt(s).

When was Listen to the Band created?

Listen to the Band was created in 1966.

What are electromagnetic waves used for?

communications - radio bands, TV bands, microwave bands, IR and visible light bandscooking - microwave band and IR bandmedical - radio band, IR band, x-ray bandsense of vision - visible light bandphotosynthesis - visible light bandetc.

What is metalcore?

It's a broad fusion genre of extreme metal and hardcorepunk music..... you can listen to bands like BRING ME THE HORIZON... they are indeed a metalcore band

What bands should i listen to if i like the band passion pit?

MGMT, Empire Of The Sun, Owl City and Motion City Soundtrack should do the trick.

What instruments are used in rock bands?

in a rock band they use drums electric guiatars and sometimes they might have a singerin a rock band too they have a bass guiatars!

What if your a rocker and want more bands to listen to got any suggestions?

If your location allows it, Pandora would be a good place to start. Type in a band or a song you like, and let Pandora find similar bands or songs.

How can you update me on the best bands?

go to any band website or and sroll through bands you may never heard of click some of the songs you dont know and listen to them i personaly like slipknot-ICP-MSI-linkin park-disturbed-korn-and bands like that

Good indie bands with emphasis on the good?

Still Saffire!!! They are a young band and I'll bet you that one day they are the new Jonas Brothers. I got my friends to listen to them and now they have a new favorite band lol.

What band does not change its length during shortening of the sarcomere?

the A-bandsthe A-bands

Is forever the sickest kids a christian band?

If you listen to the lyrics, they say nothing about god or anything like that.The band members might be. But their music isn'tNo.

What is the plural word for band?

The plural form of band is bands.

Is a music band singular or plural do we say the band is or the band are?

The term 'music band' is singular, one band that plays music. Example:The music band is scheduled to start at eight.The plural form is 'music bands', two or more bands that play music.The music bands are positioned at each end of the parade.

How many military bands are in the us?

There are 104 Army bands, 15 Marine bands, 13 Navy bands, 23 Air Force bands, 2 Coast Guard bands, and 1 Merchant Marine band. There are also military-style bands of civilians, such as the Grand Virginia Military Band.

Is the word band a noun?

Yes, the word 'band' is a noun (band, bands) and a verb (band, bands, banding, banded). The noun 'band' is a word for a thing. Examples: He played in a band. (noun) I had to replace my watch band. (noun) They band the storks to track their movements. (verb)

How long do support bands usually play?

Support bands usually play from 20-45 minutes depending on how many support bands there are until the headline band. The support band right before the headling band will usually play longer than the other support bands.

What bands were John Lennon in?

He was only in one band and that band was 'The Beatles'.

A person who sells holi bands answer is?

a person who sells holi bands are holi band sellers,holi band wenders, holi band men, holi band distributors, pandits maharaj' s

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