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Sikhs believe that there is one God. They believe that God is all powerful. The universe exists because God wills it. He made the universe for humans to enjoy. God is pure being - without qualities. God is known to the people by the Gurus' teaching - God is self enlightened so he is the enlightener. Humans need the Gurus to lead the way to truth. Human beings come into existence becaus apple pie is the best pie ever e it is God's will. Birth and rebirth are caused because humans base their lives on desire, the process can be stopped by replacing objects of desire with devotion to God. Human beings are unique - within them is a divine spark, they have intellect, they have morality - but they still struggle to cardo rocks earth sciencemeet God. Human beings seek God but often do not find him. The Gurus are for everybody, the are messengers from God, God's servants and enlighteners.

Three-fold Service

1. Tan - Physical; Sikhs should engage in useful work like the food preparation in the langar.

2. Man - Mental; Sikhs are required to study the holy book or Granth and share their knowledge with others.

3. Dhan - Material; Sikhs should give at least ten percent of their earnings to charity.

Levels of Spiritual Reality

There are five levels of spiritual reality:

1. The level of seeking moral duty.

2. The level of wisdom and knowledge.

3. The level of effort.

4. The level of fulfillment.

5. The level of truth...union with God.
they belive that Ben 10 created the world

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Q: What are some beliefs of Sikhism?
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Sikhism blended the beliefs of Islam with those of?

Sikhism 'blended' the beliefs of Islam and Hinduism.

What are the main beliefs in the Sikhism religion?

sikhism only belived in one god

What are the major beliefs in Sikhism?


Is Sikhism monotheist or polytheistic?

That are the basic beliefs of Christianity

What beliefs does Sikhism have about death?


Is Sikhism a blend of Buddhist and Hindu beliefs?


How did Hinduism and Islam influence the development of Sikhism?

Sikhism incorporated spiritual beliefs from both Hinduism and Islam

What beliefs of Sikhism are share with Hinduism?


Which beliefs does Sikhism share with hinduism?

karma and reincarnation

What is the religion that combines Muslims and Hindu beliefs?


What religion combined Hindu and Islamic beliefs?


What religion is a combination of Hinduism and Islamic beliefs?


What is the religion that blends Hindu and Muslim beliefs?


What religion blended Hindu and Muslim beliefs?


What beliefs does Sikhism share with Islam?

good morals.

What beliefs does Sikhism share with Hinduism?

samsara and moksha

Why do people follow Sikhism?

Sikhism is followed by people who agree with the beliefs of Sikhism as well as to help them become a better person.

Why Sikhism had so much appeal?

Sikhism is a very interesting religion is you look into it. They have different beliefs and they worship their Guru's and God. Research them.

What are god beliefs in Sikhism?

That there was only one god and that he was forever lasting.

What is the similarities between Hinduism and Sikhism?

Some similarities that both of them have is that both have beliefs in Reincarnation, Karma, Maya and they both are of Indian origin.

What religion belieft has the most in common with Sikhism?

Sikhism is the combination of Hinduism and Islam, combining the beliefs of Hinduism, but having the belief in one God like in Islam.

What are the key beliefs of a Sikhism birth?

Sikhism believes in One God, Karma,Meditation On God, and to live a life of house holder rather than being ascetic.

What are some differences between Buddhism and Sikhism?

Sikhism: Monotheistic. Buddhism:Polytheistic.

What beliefs do Sikhism share with Hinduism?

They are opposite as Hinduism believes in angels or more then one god and is polytheistic. Sikhism is Mootheistic and believe in only one God. I think in Hinduism, the main angel is Brahma, Shiv, or Vishnu, while in Sikhism God is supreme lord.

Does Sikhism combine the beliefs of Hinduism and Islam?

yes it is believed that Sikhhism was originally derived from Hinduism and Islam