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volcanoes provide geothermal energy which besides being great for spas and recreation is used as a of hot water in some areas of the world

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Q: What are some benefits do volcanoes and earthquakes offer?
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What risks and benefits do humans endure as the result of plate tectonics?

Some risks include earthquakes and volcanoes and some benefits include natural resources.

How are earthquake and volcanoes different?

Some, but not all, earthquakes are related to volcanoes. For example, most earthquakes are along the edges of tectonic plates. This is where most volcanoes are too. However, most earthquakes are caused by the interaction of the plates not the movement of magma.

Where do earthquakes do the least damage?

some where away from volcanoes

How are earthquakes and volcanoes different?

They are different because earthquakes require transform boundaries to occur and volcanoes require convergent and divergent boundaries to occur. Also, earthquakes shake the ground and knock over buildings while volcanoes erupt slowly and melt some things.

How are earthquakes and volcanoes related?

earthquakes and volcano's are related in some sorts of ways, one of these ways are the damage they do.

Why don't some volcanoes erupt?

is it because there is no earthquakes that area

What are some destructive effects of earthquakes?

volcanoes eropes tsunami

What are some natural hazards in Hawaii?

Tsunami, earthquakes, volcanoes,

What are some examples of constuctive force?

volcanoes,earthquakes,and stalagtites.

Are any natural disasters related?

Tsunamis are related to earthquakes in that earthquakes happen underwater, creating Tsunamis. Volcanoes are somewhat related to earthquakes in that some warning signs of volcanoes are tiny earthquakes, created by the movement of magma and the swelling of the volcano. Other than that, I don't think so.

How do earthquakes affect Hawaii?

they might cause volcanoes which in some cases is good

What are Natural force?

Some kinds of natural forces are Volcanoes and earthquakes. etc

What are natural forces?

Some kinds of natural forces are Volcanoes and earthquakes. etc

What are inside forces that shape landforms?

Earthquakes and volcanoes are some

Which part of the world do earthquakes occur the most?

Earthquakes occur around the areas where volcanoes are so if you look at a map of a volcanoes around the world, you'll be able to see. Of course there's some variation as to the location of earthquakes to that of a volcano but to decide one point, it would have to be the ring of fire.

What are some recent incidents that involve volcanoes and earthquakes?

because u r a idiotic monkey

Why do some earthquakes happen far away from volcanic activity?

Earthquakes do not depend on volcanoes. Volcanoes and earthquakes are most common at plate boundaries, however, there are three types of plate boundary: divergent, where plates slide apart; convergent, where plates slide together; and transform where plates slide past each other. Volcanoes can occur at convergent and divergent boundaries while earthquakes occur at all three. Earthquakes can also result from stress within a plate away from boundaries, while volcanoes can only occur away from plate boundaries under special circumstances.

What benefits does the State of Arizona jobs offer?

It will depend on what company you work for in terms of what benefits you will receive. Some jobs don't offer them while some do. If you do get into a company that does, they usually offer health and dental insurance as benefits.

Why do certain parts of the world have more volcanoes than others?

Many of the world's volcanoes are formed along the boundaries between tectonic plates in the Earth's crust. Some places on land have the (mis)fortune of lying on top of these boundaries, which increase the number of volcanoes (and earthquakes) in places like Japan. However some types of plate boundaries do NOT lead to the formation of volcanoes which is why there are places on earth with earthquakes but no volcanoes (e.g. Southern California). Also note that some volcanoes (such as Mauna Loa in Hawaii) are formed in the middle of a techtonic plate, so the correlation is not perfect.

What are some positive effects of earthquakes?

Positive effects of earthquakes include the fact that they can help put life in perspective for some people. There aren't many benefits to earthquakes, because they often cause catastrophe.

What are some effects of plate tectonic?

Plate tectonics bring about earthquakes and volcanoes, as well as continental drift.

What is one weakness of central Mexico?

Volcanoes and earthquakes are some natural hazards found in central Mexico.

What are some of the powerful sources that change the earth's surface?

Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods. lots of natural disasters

Where are some active volcanoes and earthquakes in the world?

in south america there is a volcano called zuhixini that is still active

Why are some areas prone to earthquakes?

Fault lines in the Tectonic Plates underneath them. Also you will always have earthquakes anywhere near or in close proximity of volcanoes.