What are some butt exercises?

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Squats are great for your quads and glutes. Place you feet shoulder width apart and squat down keeping your back straight.

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What are some exercises for your butt to get bigger?

Beside squats

What are some exercises that will make your butt bigger and round without weights?


What are some good exercises to make your butt bigger?

If you lift your hand to your mouth and put a lot of sugar in there, your butt will get big :)

What are some good exercises to tone your thighs?

Any type of squats are good for your thighs and butt!!

How do you get your butt tighter?

Do exercises that develop the muscles around your butt area. From the compound lifts, deadlifts and squats are definitely the best exercises you can do. You can also isolating exercises for your glutes, like hip thrusts.

What exercises tone your butt?

O.o ...? Squats...

What are the 5 exercises developing muscular?


How can I get rid of cellulite on my butt?

Try to do exercises that work the butt muscles like squeezes or yoga and they have some creams at the pharmacy that help, but they may not work that great.

What are some exercises to reduce the size of a big butt?

Exercise alone will not reduce the backside, but losing weight in addition to exercise will help. Some exercises to help are step ups, lunges and squats.

What exercises make your butt larger?

Squats, & lunges

How do you get a good butt?

Squats and other leg and thigh exercises.

What are some good exercises to get rid of butt and hip fat?


Exercises that trigger your butt muscle?

hip flexion and hip extention

What are good exercises for your legs and butt?

For your legs, you can get a stretch cord, and do the exercises that they box gives you. for example, attach the stretch cord to both feet then move one leg up and down. For the butt... idk.

How can a girl or teenager lose weight from her butt?

Try certain exercises that strengthen the gluteous maximus (butt) muscles like squats.

Will you get a more muscular butt the longer you squeeze it?

If you are referring to toning exercises, yes you are likely to define your butt muscles the more you work it out.

Is there any exercises to get a round butt and big oobs?

Yes, eat a lot!

How to get a big butt?

You can get a big butt by eating junk food like chips,soda,candy,etc.Or you can do butt exercises like squats.You also can wear some mini shorts under your jeans.

What does it mean to tone your butt?

To do exercises that engage your gluteal muscles = the ones that make up your butt cheeks. They're quite important to the overall size, shape and consistency of your butt.

Where can i find pills to make your butt bigger?

There are no pills to make your butt bigger. If you want you butt bigger, eat McDonald's.

What are some things to do in Iraq?

exercises, exercises, exercises, and um... exercises

What are some exercises one can do to tighten thigh muscles?

Some great thigh tightening exercises include squats, ham string curls, lunges, butt blasters, stiff dead leg lifts, walking lunges, running and regular leg lifts.

How do you keep your upper body fit but at the same time keep your butt really big?

== == So your "up top" exercises and eat right but at the same time turn your butt fat into muscle by doing squat and donkey kicks. there are many other butt exercises, that would be something to research.

What exercises can you do if your butt looks big?

bike riding is a good excercise but it does take a while

How do you make your butt bigger without having surgery?

Healtier Foods and Certain exercises.