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Cardio exercises that are especially good for fat loss would be ones that not only burn calories but build muscle. Swimming, cycling, rock climbing, and pilates would all be excellent examples

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Some cardio exercises for weight loss are walking, aerobics, stepping, and cycling.

Cardio exercises are the most effective exercises for weight loss, as they tend to burn a lot of calories. Cardio exercises include running, bicycling, swimming, and cross-country skiing.

Running is a very good exercise for weight loss. Usually cardio exercises are the best exercises for losing fat. Other forms of cardio are walking, jogging, and using the elliptical.

Cardio is especially important to help achieve your weight loss goal. Some recommended exercises include running, jumproping, or even a brisk walk. Try to aim for at least 3 hours of moderate cardio exercise a week.

Aerobic or cardio (short for 'cardiovascular') exercises are good for weight loss. If you want fast weight loss it's best to exercise and make dietary improvements.Any activity that increases your heart and respiration rates is cardio exercise (such as brisk walking outdoors on on a treadmill, cross-country skiing, jogging, running, minitrampolining, nordic walking, etc.) There are different degrees of cardio from mild to intense. Intense cardio exercises include running, interval training, and graded exercise protocol. Those are not for beginners.If you are a beginner start with brisk walking. For more information about cardio, and how to do it correctly for weight loss, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Walking, bike riding, skipping (very good) running, jogging, lifting weights, swimming, there are lots of different kinds of good exercise. Any form of cardio exercise is excellent. Housework, such as scrubbing floors, cleaning windows, dusting, vacuuming, can also help. I like wii fit plus as it help and with all its yoga and exercises.Overall, when done correctly the best fat burning exercise is cardio exercise. It does not have to be running or jogging, it can even be something as simple as cardio walking, which is easier on your body than running or jogging, and it is sustainable long term. For more information about how to do cardio exercises correctly for weight loss, see the page links, further down this page, lited under Related Questions.

Cross-training is key to loosing fat. Cardio/aerobics exercises like swimming, spinning, circuit training are a great start - For workout plans and fat and muscle loss exercises check out

Cardiovascular exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, or rowing are excellent exercises to help you lose weight. A 160 pound person who runs for 30 minutes burns about 300 calories. If you burn 300 calories a day doing cardio exercises, that equates to almost a half-pound of weight loss per week.

I would have to say the most beneficial for weight loss is running.Any form of cardio exercise. Running (cardio) is good but cardio walking is excellent. It is easier on your body than running or jogging and it is sustainable long term.

You can find quality weight loss basically everywhere. Trusting most of the diets people suggest is not good. The best thing you could do is visit your doctor and ask him for help organize your weight loss program. Doing cardio exercises help a lot too if you have a proper diet.

The best and most efficient way to lose weight quickly is through cario exercise. This includes high energy. high movement exercises such as running on a treadmill, cycling, or running on an elliptical machine. All of these can be found in a typical gym, so these are the exercises you should look to do if you want to lose weight fast. Cardio exercises are pretty intense, but they burn the most calories in the shortest period of time and get the heart pumping, whch therefore result in more weight loss.

Weight training exercises alone aren't particularly effective for weight loss. For weight loss you want to burn more calories, and to burn calories you want get your heart rate up and to keep it up, and the longer the better. Weight training rarely achieves that. Cardio/aerobic exercises will do a better job at this. Besides, while muscle is better than flab, muscle is still weight, and weight training will put more muscle on you. If you insist on weight training you should focus on low weights and endless repetitions.Cardio is important for weight loss. To achieve best results you should do your cardio in the morning.The very best exercise combination for weight loss is cardio exercise and weight training. Proper weight training will build muscle, which is your metabolic furnace that will burn additional calories 24 hours a day. Cardio exercise, when done properly, it is very effective for fat loss. Cardio will increase the amount of calories your body uses during and immediately after exercise. For more information about how to combine cardio and weight training for weight loss, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Cardio exercise if excellent for weight loss. If you combine cardio with weight training that is even better. For more information, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

definitely running or any kind of cardio such as jumping jacks, jumping rope, walking, anything high intensity that gets your heart rate up

The Body for Life exercises include workout routines that are very similar to any exercise or weight loss program. A mixture of cardio and weight training is the most effective way to lose weight and have a healthy heart.

Weight Loss Cardio Kick - 2009 was released on: USA: August 2009

It is a cardio based workout so it is good. But only skipping will not bring you desired result

We can make a good weight loss program in which exercises and good diet are included.

Exercise. Do some cardio, it gets your body moving and burns calories.

Cardio has always been the best way of producing good weight loss results. Try high intensity interval training. This type of cardio boosts your metabolism, so you continue to burn calories even when you aren't exercising.

In my personal experience cardio is the best exercise to get slimmer. We can do push-ups for chest, pull-ups for back/biceps, lungs and hamstring for legs finally crunches for abs. By doing these workouts we can see more results regarding weight loss.

Lift weights or do body weight exercises and cardio, look up HIIT, it gives you fat loss. Getting a six pack means you have to get 10% or lower body fat percentage.

Yes. Although you burn more calories when running a distance, Running in place is exercise...cardio to be exact and cardio is great for weight loss.

The best way to lose weight is to increase activity, especially cardio exercises such as walking or running. Couple this with a healthy diet low in carbohydrates and you will see a healthy weight loss. Consult a medical professional before beginning any diet or exercise routine.

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