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What are some causes of breathing emergencies?

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some causes of breathing emergencies are respiratory distress that may lead to respiratory arrest, Asthma, hyperventilation, empheysemia, or shock. some signs to breathing emergencies would be deep or shallow breathing, slow or rapid breathing, cyanosis, flushed skin, and increased heart rate.

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What are some signals of breathing emergencies?

Chest is not moving. no air is coming out of the nose. Heart stops beating.

What causes a left eye to lose vision?

If you are having vision problems in one eye, you need to see your eye doctor. There are many possible causes, some of them are serious, and some are emergencies.

What can be a major cause of an emergency airway issue?

Causes of breathing emergencies are choking, allergic reactions,poisoning anaphylaxis, shock, illness, electrocution, drowning, injury, asthma, and heart attacks to name a few.

What is a muscle that is associated with breathing?

The diaphragm. It is the only muscle that causes breathing.

How can breathing ozone affect you?

Ozone is a pollutant at ground level. It causes problems in breathing.

What are the causes of stoppage breathing?

They stopped breathing cause they could have heart respitory failure

What causes carbon dioxide?

fossil fuels and breathing causes carbon dioxide :)

Three causes of collapse for which rescue breathing may be needed?

Causes of collapse for which rescue breathing may be needed are anaphylactic shock, heart attack, and poisoning.

Causes of frustration?

Frustration is causes by an external factor that interferes with plans you may have. This could be anything from unexpected emergencies to mental blocks, or traffic.

It is important to distinguish which causes intentional injuries from which create unintentional emergencies?

terroism natural disaster

What causes heavy breathing?

Your mom... and nose hairs.

What does smoking do to your lungs?

causes tarr, which then stops you from breathing.

Does not breathing cause brain damage?

NO, It causes DEATH! :-)

Why air pollution causes breathing disorder?


What is is the cause of gastric distension during rescue breathing?

During rescue breathing some of the air given by the resuscitator may go down the throat to the patients stomach which causes gastric distention.

What are the symptoms of asthma in children?

The main symptom of Asthma in children is Wheezing, that is 'trouble in breathing'. Asthma causes a clog in the airways of human respiratory system that causes the trouble in breathing.

Is morphine bad for a Pug?

Morphine causes decreased breathing which for a pug can be fatal because they already have trouble with breathing.

What causes shallow breathing?

Asthma and other conditions like that.

What part of the brain causes breathing and heart rate?


Which Nervous system prepares the body for emergencies and stress by increasing the breathing rate heart rate and blood flow to muscles?

Sympathetic Nervous System

What causes breathing problems?

i have found that breathing problems are caused by dust and allergies if anyone around you smokes that my also be a cause of why or how you have or caught breathing problems this may be true for you and it may not be but it is for me

Does Oxycontin get into your lungs?

it causes respitory depression, so it does effect breathing.

What causes dry throat and mouth?

usually mouth breathing when sleeping

What causes cheyne-stokes breathing?

brain stem injuries

What causes rapid breathing in dogs?

Most of the time its because there hot.