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What are some characteristics of Israel that make it unique?


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It practices both colonialism and apartheid long after these fell out of fashion. It is the only country where communism was actually practiced (in the Kibutz system), and where it actually worked. The only aspect where Communism failed miserably was the child care system; it created a lot of trauma for both parents and children. The idea of raising kids communally was to try and create an atmosphere where it was believed if kids grew up together, they would see themselves as part of a whole, rather than as individuals. What it created instead, was a psychological condition, where people have an aversion towards having sexual relations with a person they grew up with. If you want your community to continue, you need to have babies. Another unique characteristic is how secular and religious law are in reality, equally powerful. The Rabbis wield quite a bit of influence in Israel, and a small handfull are very powerful culturally, so powerful they can sway elections. Allegedly Israel is a secular state ruled by secularism and "reason" but the truth is, there are parts where religious law MUST be observed.