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ruled by a few person

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What are some characteristics of autocracy in the Russian revolution?

Go to skool do ur wrk, do wat they tell u nd be quiet

Can you get some autocracy countries?


What are the forms of government that fall under Autocracy?

Monarchy and a Dictatorship are some of the governments that fall under autocracy

What are some examples of autocracy?

President Obama is an autocracy because he`ve been president for 2 years.

What are some potential advantages of a democracy over an autocracy?

In a democracy, the peple have a say in what they want. In a autocracy, they have no voice.

What are some words with auto in it?

Automatom. Autocracy.

What is a synonym for autocracy?

Despotism is another word for autocracy.

What is a synomyn of autocracy?

Autocracy can also be called despotism.

What are some examples of an Autocracy government?

Some examples of an Autocracy government China, North Korea, Nazi Regime in Germany and many more. This a system of government where one person has absolute power.

What is the difference between monarchy and autocracy?

An autocracy is a system where one person is in charge and is the ultimate authority. A monarchy is a hereditary autocracy (the next ruler is decided by relationship to the present ruler). Modern autocracies and monarchies have some limitations to and restrictions on their power.

Who rules autocracy?

An autocrat with unlimited power rules an autocracy.

Is the roman empire's government democracy autocracy or aristocracy?


How do you use the word autocracy in a sentence?

Autocracy is a form of government with a single leader. For Example: Country A is an autocracy Country B isn't an autocracy Or when comparing something to an autocracy, you use autocratic (similar or pertaining to an autocracy) For Example: Mum why do you have to be so autocratic when you run then house? What do you think of the current government? Pretty autocratic!

Who has autocracy?

There are a number of governments that have autocracy (are ruled by an autocrat). North Korea comes immediately to mind, and some might also say the current leader of Syria is autocratic.

Types of autocracy?

TYPES OF AUTOCRACY?TheocracyMonarchymilitary dictatorship

What is a sentence for autocracy?

The country has been under an autocracy since 1874.

What is a constitutional autocracy?

An autocracy is a system of government where power is in the hands of one individual. In a constitutional autocracy, the system of power is the same but there is a constitution that codifies the government.

Do any countries have an autocracy for government now?

actually countries in Africa have autocracy governments.

Who had power in autocracy government?

In an autocracy, power is held by a single, self-appointed ruler.

How is power distributed in autocracy?

alll the power in an autocracy will be resting in the hands of one person.

Who is belarus autocracy?

belarus is a country, Autocracy is a type of government which is run by a singele person

Is Oman an autocracy?

Yes, in essence it is an autocracy. If Qaboos wants something to happen, it will happen.

Did England transfer from communist nation to a monarchy or an autocracy to socialist nation or autocracy to a democracy or from an autocracy to a monarchy?

Of those, the only correct one would be when Oliver Cromwell was overthrown and the House of Stuart restored, i.e. D - Autocracy to Monarchy.

There was some consideration to make George Washington the king of America This would have made him an?


What are some disadvantages autocracy has on a society?

The one huge advantage of an autocracy is that there is increased order. Also, it easier to get laws passed in a society because the laws do not have to go through multiple phases for approval.