What are some characteristics of technetium?

Atomic number: 43
Standardized atomic weight: 98
Appearance: silver gray
State of matter: solid transition metal
Melting point: 2 157 0C
Boiling point: 4 265 0C
Density: 11 g/cm3
Heat of fusion: 32,9 kJ/mol
Molar heat capacity: 24,27 kJ/mol
First ionization energy: 702 kJ/mol
Pauling electronegativity: 1,9
Empirical atomic radius: 136 pm
Thermal conductivity: 50,6 W/m.K
Electrical resistivity: 200 nanoohm.m
Superconductor: under 7,46 K
Hexagonal close packed structure
Brinell hardness: 151
Electron configuration: [Kr]4d5.5s2 Technetium react with oxygen, halogens, oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, boron, carbon etc. and can form alloys with metals.
Technetium is dissolved in inorganic acids excepting hydrochloric acid.
The Pauling electronegativity is 1,9. Technetium oxidation states are between -1 and +7; the most usual valences are +3, +4 and +7.