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Certainly, this big-inch 1960s V8 engine was fairly thirsty by today's standards, but there weren't a lot of downsides it that I can recall. The 425 Olds was a fairly high compression engine which required premium fuel, and so it might not perform too well on today's unleaded pump gasoline. The horsepower reported in the 1960s up to 1971 was in the so-called "SAE Gross" rating, so it would be difficult to compare this engine with later models which use "SAE Net" rating. A general rule of thumb is that net horsepower is about 75-80 percent of gross horsepower. In case you don't know, the chief difference between this engine and the more common 455 Oldsmobile was the crankshaft. The 425 Olds had a stroke of 3.975 inches, while the later 455 had a stroke of 4.25 inches.

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Q: What are some common problems with the 425 cubic inch engine by Oldsmobile?
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What engine did a 1956 Oldsmobile come with?

324 cubic inch

What is cubic inches of displacement?

Cubic inches of displacement in reference to a car is the volume of the cylinders in the engine in cubic inches. In most American muscle cars, part of the name refers to the displacement of the engine in cubic inches, for example the Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 has a 454 ci engine and the Oldsmobile 440 had a 440 ci engine.

Where can you get a 455 olds engine alternator wiring diagram?

You can get a wiring diagram for your Oldsmobile 455 cubic inch engine alternator at most auto-parts stores. Oldsmobile service manuals will have the engine alternator wiring diagram and can be obtained from most local libraries.

What is a Oldsmobile 442 engine bored 060 over called?

Olds never had an engine that displaced 442 cubic inches ( common mistake ) 442 was a model or option designation depending on year built engines available were 330/400/350/455/ Later on 307 General rule of thumb you gain about 2 cubic inches for every .10 over. Example 455 at .60 over would be about 467 to 468 cubic inch engine

What are the torque specifications for a 1979 Pontiac 455 rocket engine?

In 1979 Pontiac did not make available any 455 (cubic inch) engine. The largest available was a 400 4bbl in the Pontiac Trans Am (220 net horsepower). Also the "rocket engine" description was only applicable to the Oldsmobile Division. The 455 Rocket Engine (Oldsmobile) was discontinued in 1977 where the largest engine was the 403 cubic inch Rocket Engine V8 rated at 185 net horsepower available on the 98 (a 350 cubic inch was standard) and the Toronado. It was also sold to the Buick division and available on the Riviera.

What is the spark plug gap for a 1977 Oldsmobile 403 cubic inch engine?

The spark plug gap for a 1977 Olds 403 is listed as .060 inches.

Which engine is bigger 350 cubic inch engine or a 5500 cubic centimeter engine?

350 cubic inch ( 5.7 liters / 5700 cc )

Did all 1972 Oldsmobile cutlass 442 come with a standard 455 cubic inch engine?

Certainly not, the standard base engine for the 1972 442 was a 350 2-BBL. Sign up at for free to learn all about almost any year Oldsmobile and what models were offered and what was available.

How many cubic inches in a 6.0 engine?

A 6.0L engine is 366.1 cubic inches.

How many cubic inches is a 6.0 gmc engine?

364 cubic inches in a 6.0L engine.

How many cubic inches is a 5o liter engine?

A 5.0L engine is 305.1 cubic inches.

What 5 liter 8 cylinder GM engine is indicated by a Y engine code in the VIN of a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne?

This is a 307 cubic inch Oldsmobile engine. It was produced with both cast iron exhaust manifolds and stainless steel exhaust manifolds.

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