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L.L.Bean Poland Spring Bottled Water Old Town Canoe Bath Iron Works Gelardi Design Oakhurst Milk New Balance Shoes Pioniite Textiles Hannaford Brothers Home Office Simones Hot Dogs Humpty Dumpty Brand Chips

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When was Maine Coast Guard Companies created?

Maine Coast Guard Companies was created in 1864.

When did Maine Coast Guard Companies end?

Maine Coast Guard Companies ended in 1865.

What is important about Maine?

It is the home to many shipbuilding companies.

Who are the major land owners in maine?

Roxanne Quimby and paper companies

Bodies of water that surround Maine?

no but there are some in Maine

Which company in the state of Maine has the cheapest health insurance policies?

There are many companies who offer great policies but it all depends on your health needs. Some companies offer some good services that others might not offer so it is really up to your needs.

Where in Portland Maine do I find Stucco repair help?

Residents of Portland, Maine may be wondering which companies are available to provide stucco repairing. Service Magic is a popular stucco repair company in Portland, Maine.

What are some of the biggest cities in Maine?

Birmingham is the biggest city in Maine

What are some major MLB teams in Maine?

None in the state of Maine.

What channel is TBS in Maine?

It depends on the cable or satellite service. Go to the various companies websites, input the Maine zip code you want to search and find out.

What are some of natural disasters in Maine?

In Maine, there are Hurricanes, because of all their water.

Colonial and territorial days of Maine?

what are some colonials and territorials days in Maine?

What is Maine famous for?

Maine has a long-standing tradition of being home to many shipbuilding companies. Liv Tyler, actress and daughter of singer Steven Tyler is a famous Mainer.

What does Maine produce?

Maine produces fruits and some food like bread and corn.

Who are some of the top travel AAU baseball teams in Maine?

The southern Maine waves

Which country does blueberries come from?

They come from Maine but some are in th u.s. transported from Maine

What are some major landforms in Maine?

A major landform in the state of Maine is Mt. Katahdin in northern Maine.Maine has a wide variety of landforms in each county. The landforms in Maine are rivers, lakes, bays, islands, and mountains.

What are some phone companies?

Phone CompaniesSome phone companies are Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.

What are the companies name that mistreat animals?

perdue chicken, tyson, most meat factories, Cal-Maine Foods.

What are some companies called?


What products come from Maine?

There are many things that come from Maine but some of the main ones are: lobster and potatoes.

What are some battlefields of Maine?

We had many forts constructed in Maine, but I don't believe we had any battles inland.

Do badgers live in maine?

Yes, badgers do live in Maine. Some other common rodents that live in Maine include the chipmunk, squirrel, hedgehog, and raccoon.

Where can I find cheap car insurance in Maine?

It can be a little difficult to find inexpensive car insurance in Maine, because many requires higher liability payments that many of the other states in the United States. With that being said there are still some insurance agencies that operate in Maine that provide inexpensive car insurance. The following is a list of these insurance companies: Geico, Progressive, Travelers, USAA, and AAA.

What are some major cities in Maine?


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