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State Farm

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Q: What are some companies offering contractor liability insurance in Oklahoma?
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where do i find car insurance in oklahoma?

You can get car insurance in Oklahoma from places such as Geico and Allstate, and several other smaller companies depending on your location.

How can a roofing contractor get affordable insurance with such a closed market in Oklahoma?

You will need to contact some agents in your area to assist you, if you can find no help or referals, contact your states dept. of insurance.

Can you insure someone elses car in Oklahoma?

Most insurance companies will not, they require you to have an "insurable interest" in the vehicle.

Where can I find cheap car insurance in Oklahoma? is the best place to start looking for cheap insurance because they will take your information and give you quotes from the major auto insurance companies.

Which insurance companies offer policies with domestic partner coverage in Oklahoma?

AmeritasCIGNAGreat West LifeNew York Life and HealthPacificare

What is the budget of Oklahoma Department of Insurance?

The budget of Oklahoma Department of Insurance is 12,000,000 dollars.

Does your insurance have to be with a Oklahoma company to tag it in Oklahoma?

Yes, even if you have insurance with a national company.

What is the average cost of insurance for a 16 year old in Oklahoma?

There are many factors that insurance companies use to give a car insurance quote. They look at things like what car you need insurance for and how much insurance you want. You will have to get with an auto insurance company for a price.

Should I get a car insurance quote Oklahoma before purchasing a policy?

I definitely recommend getting several quotes first. You can do this by going directly to websites of several insurance companies.

Where can I find good car insurance quotes for oklahoma?

Use an online quote comparison tool like esurance (esurance) to get quotes from reputable companies for any vehicle in the USA. You can go to to search for car insurance in the oklahoma region for free.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma driving laws make it mandatory for all drivers operating an automobile to have minimum valid car insurance coverage. Law enforcement persons are authorized to ask for proof of valid car insurance when any driver is stopped.All Oklahoma drivers are required by law to carry the minimum car insurance limits of liability as determine by the State.The minimum liability coverage for car insurance for Oklahoma driver is as follows:at least $25,000 for injury of a single personat least $50,000 for injury of more than one person in a single accidentat least $25,000 in property damage liability for the other vehicle and other immovable objects, including buildings, fences, street signs and moreLapsed car insurance is strongly discouraged in Oklahoma. When it was discovered that drivers were obtaining insurance policies in order to register their cars, and then canceling their policies to avoid the cost, strict regulations and stiff penalties were enacted. The car insurance companies are required to report to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and the Department of Motor Vehicles when an insurance policy is canceled within 180 days of its start date.If the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety is notified that a driver has canceled their policy, the driver will be contacted at their address on file and requested to verify that a valid car insurance coverage policy is in effect. If that proof is not received, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety will suspend your registration and your driver's license. If you are then picked up by the police, who work for the Department of Motor Vehicles, you will face further penalties including uninsured driver penalties and in some cases loss of your vehicle and jail time.Keep in mind that car insurance companies do consider lapses in car insurance coverage when determining your relative level of risk, which in turn determines the rates you pay for insurance. Car insurance providers prefer to see insurers without periods of lapsed car insurance. So, despite the relative cost of premiums, it's typically better to play by the rules and protect yourself and others with adequate car insurance.

Does state insurance cover abortions in Oklahoma?

State insurance does not cover abortions. This goes for Oklahoma and any other state.

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