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What are some compare and contrast essay topics?



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some options

compare two teams

college vs. high school

mom vs. dad

catholic school vs. public school

boys vs. girls/men vs. women

courting vs. dating

fox news vs. cnn

vactioning in a resort vs. a tent

Republican vs. democratic views on a problem

compare acdc and mozart

ford vs. chevy

yahoo vs. google

driving vs. walking

compare and contrast two sports

or these:

the president to the homeless

outer beauty to inner beauty

happiness to sadness

shakesphere to spears

yourself to your sibling

rainy days to sunny days

1970's to 2000's

winter to summer

usa to other country

boston to new york

reading to watching tv

spanish to english

oldies music to current music

day and night

dogs and cats

life in a city to life in a rural area

men to women