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What are some cures for altitude sickness?

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== == The best is slow acclimation. Go up a little at a time and get accustomed to the higher altitude over a few months. If you can't do that, take some oxygen bottles with you. == == Many people that fly or even go on cruises can get a feeling of nausea and especially when you are in the air, the odd person can even pass out. This is so simple it's ridiculous, but an old woman told me this .... put an ear plug in one ear! It works!

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Do you get altitude sickness at the South Pole?

Yes, some people are extremely affected by altitude sickness and cannot remain at their duty stations. Altitude sickness, however, does not strike all workers or scientists.

How is altitude sickness treated?

Altitude sickness can be treated with oxygen therapy

When can you get Altitude sickness?

It depends. You might get it or not. Some people are never altitude sick. Some are, when they are already on the altitude of few meters from the ground.

What causes altitude sickness?

Altitude sickness is caused by changes in the distribution of oxygen and pressure. The symptoms of altitude sickness resemble those of a cold.

What is altitude sickness in mount Everest?

You can learn about Altitude Sickness on Mount Everest at the link provided.

Why do we get altitude sickness?

Altitude sickness occurs when people increase altitude too quickly. What is the cause of altitude sickness? Acute mountain sickness is caused by reduced air pressure and lower oxygen levels at high altitudes. The faster you climb to a high altitude, the more likely you will get acute mountain sickness. You are at higher risk for acute mountain sickness if: You live at or near sea level and travel to a high altitude. Oct 16, 2017

What major syndromes are catagorized as altitude sickness?

There are three major clinical syndromes that fall under the heading of altitude sickness: acute mountain sickness (AMS), high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE), and high-altitude cerebral edema (HACE).

What altitude do you get altitude sickness?

The lowest recorded case of serious altitude sickness (HAPE) was at 2500m in a climber in Japan. However, most people need to travel above 3000m and stay there for at least 12 hours before symptoms of altitude sickness develop.

Why do some people get altitude sickness in the mountains but not on an airplane?

In a plane, the cabin is pressurized to about the equivalent of 8000 ft altitude (though you are actually flying at about 35000-40000 ft). This is at the lower end of the altitudes when one might experience altitude sickness, but since a flight lasts only a few hours and passengers usually are sitting down (and therefore not causing stress to their bodies), altitude sickness is rare and if experienced would probably not be severe enough to be recognized as altitude sickness.

What are some ancient roman cures for sickness?

They would usually use herbs like fennel for medicine.

Can you suffer altitude sickness in Bhutan?


What does altitude sickness do?

Altitude sickness reduces the amount of oxygen in the brain, causing such symptoms as dizziness, shortness of breath, and mental confusion

What are some common symptoms of altitude sickness?

Some of the more common symptoms of altitude sickness are headache, loss of appetite, and trouble sleeping. The reason this happens is because studies have shown that at higher altitudes, the brain or your body, is not getting enough oxygen. The best treatment for altitude sickness is to drink plenty of water, take over-the-counter medication for the headache if you have to, and try not to be overly active.

Are there any statistics for Altitude sickness?

no. it is not preventable.

What is altitude sickness also called?


What is hypnoxia also called?

altitude sickness

Why do mountain climbers get altitude sickness?

because the higher you go up, the harder it is for your body to absorb oxygen. Basically altitude sickness is caused by oxygen deprivation.

What a good sentence for altitude?

I have only experienced altitude sickness once. This altitude makes me dizzy. The plane will now ascend to it's prescribed altitude.

Can altitude sickness give you a nose bleed?


What actors and actresses appeared in Altitude Sickness - 2009?

The cast of Altitude Sickness - 2009 includes: Sean Mckenzie Joe Stack as The man without a fate

Can you die from altitude sickness?

Yes, but most people who get altitude sickness just feel flu-like symptoms for 1 or 2 days and then feel better. At very high elevations altitude sickness can progress to high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) or high altitude cerebral edema (HACE), both of which can be fatal. If you are below 4200m and get altitude sickness the best remedy is to descend to a lower altitude, drink lots of water, and avoid physical exertion. If you are going above 4000m do more research before you go and get advice from someone who knows more than me.

What kind of sickness does the gotocola cures?

Somebody told me that it can cure 100 diseases.

What is the test used to see if climbers have altitude sickness?

There is no test that can be done to see if you would suffer from altitude sickness or not. The only way to find out is to climb high, slowly and see how you get on.

What are some problems you may have climbing Everest?

Problems you may have climbing Everest are, Altitude sickness, Loss of Breath

What are the symptoms of altitude sickness?

It depends upon the person, but the most common symptoms are headaches, nausea, vomitting, and fatigue. The people that are most prown to altitude sickness are those of 50 years and up, if you have a history of altitude sickness to start with, places that are 3,000 feet or higher, or a rapid change in altitude. As a young child, I used to have altitude sickness because I had problems with my ears, so that could also effect you. The last time I went up to a higher elevation, I used these band like bracelets called "Sea Bands" from the "Sea Products" company and those really seemed to help me. You can get them and/or pills for altitude sickness over the counter.

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