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What are some differences between Judaism and Catholicism?

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Jews don't believe Jesus was the true Messiah, whereas Christians (Catholicism) do believe in Jesus as well as the Trinity. Jews also still follow various ceremonial laws (such as not eating ham), whereas Christians don't follow these laws.


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Not eating pork, or any of the other forbidden food items is not "ceremonial law". God gave us Jews the Torah as the guidebook that outlines how we as Jews can live righteously, a part of that are the rules about what we can and can't eat.

The majority of core tenets found in Christianity/Catholicism completely go against the teachings of Judaism.

Examples of differences are that Judaism doesn't accept:

  • The Christian concept of salvation and grace
  • The concept of original sin
  • The concept of eternal damnation
  • The Christian concept of the devil
  • The Christian concept of messiah
  • The concept of the trinity
  • Praying through intermediaries
  • The concept of a literal child of God
  • The idea that one man can atone for the sins of another
These are just some examples, there are far more differences between Judaism and Christianity.

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