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What are some differences between state constitutions and the US Constitution?

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The U.S. Constitution is remarkably brief. The original constitution ratified by the 13 states (or colonies, if you prefer) contained a mere 4,426 words. The addition of the Bill of Rights brought the total to just 5,033 words. The addition of another 17 amendments since the BoR has brought the total up to 7,620 words. As far as I know, every state constitution is more verbose. The U.S. Constitution is strong on WHAT to do and WHAT NOT to do but provides remarkably little guidance on HOW to do it. Most state constitutions all have a common flaw: they try to address too many topics and provide too many mandates for what to do and HOW to do it, frequently with excruciating detail. Constitutions should provide a basic framework for government and establish the range of what the state government can and cannot do. Unfortunately, they are frequently used as a legislative tool. Specific laws that implement and instantiate constitutional guidelines should be left for regular legislation, not captured in constitutions.

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One main differnece between the US Constitution and state constitutions is that state constitutions?

There are a lot of differences between the US Constitution and individual state constitutions. The US Constitution rules over the state constitutions.

One main difference between the US Constitution and state constitutions is that state constitutions?

The Answer is "D"

What are the differences between us and state constitutions?


One main difference between the united states constitution and state constitutions is that state constitutions?

The answer is D are much longer

One main diefference between the US Constitution and state Constitutions is tha state constitutions?

Written contracts that define the relationship between a government and its people.

How the state constitution resemble the constitution?

The various state constitutions resemble the US constitution in that they give rights and freedoms to the people in that state. The difference is that state constitutions are much more specific compared to the general US constitution. Also most state constitutions have been amended thousands of times, where as the US constitution has 27 amendments. Rights and Freedoms to citizens are the similarities More specific and more easily changed are the differences

How did state constitutions lay the groundwork for the US Constitution?

State constitutions didn't lay groundwork for US Constitution. The US constitution came before the state constitutions. The US Constitution has president over the states and sets limits for states

What are some similarities between state constitutions and the US Constitution?

Each state has it's own constitution. Each one has similarities and difference with the US constitution.

In comparison to the US Constitution how difficult is it to amend State constitutions?

In comparison to the United States Constitution, how difficult is it to amend State constitutions

How did state constitutions contribute to the writing or ideals of the constitution?

State constitutions did not contribute to the US constitution. When it was written there were no states as we know them in 1789.

How do state constitutions differ from the federal Constitution?

State constitutions are much longer. State Constitutions are also very spedific and detailed. State constitutions are also much easier to amend.

What type of state constitution do you think states would have today if there had not been a US Constitution first?

The colonies had constitutions that predate the US Constitution. My opinion is that States' constitutions would look somewhat like they do today, although there would be important differences also.

What is the main difference between the US federal constitution and the various state constitutions?

It's D

How does Arizona's Constitution compare to other state constitutions?

how does Arizona's constitution compare to other state constitution.

Why are state constitutions usually longer than the U.S. Constitution?

We don't necessarily know that state constitutions are longer than the federal constitution.

3 According to article VI of the US Constitution what would happen should there be a conflict between the US Constitution and the state constitution?

The U.S. Constitution trumps any conflicts with state constitutions.

Does the state constitution have a Bill of Rights?

Most state constitutions do.

How do state constitutions compare to federal constitutions?

The state's constitutions tend to be a lot more detailed about the relationship between the state government and the people than the federal constitution is. Also, states constitutions can have slight variations from state to state and preside over single states rather than an entire country.

Of state and national constitutions which constitution has a longer bill of rights?


What is one difference between the US Constitution and state constitution?

There is one US constitution, governing the US federal government. There are 50 different state constitutions, governing 50 different states.

How do state constitutions compare to the U.S. Constitution?

They copy or are a model of the constitution.

What is the difference between the US constitution and other constitutions?

i think it brings the people of the united state the permission to vote

Why did colonial authorities want colonies to write new state constitutions?

They wanted them to write state constitutions modeled after the federal constitution.

One main difference between the United States constitution and state constitutions is that state constitutions is?

State constitutions are much longer than the US constitution.The main reason that state constitutions have a greater length is that they deal with more specifics where as the US Constitution is a framework of government. The US Supreme court deals through its interpretations the specifics of the laws. An example is in the amendments. The Texas constitution is amended through rewriting the parts that need to be change while the US constitution has addenda, like the first ten amendments. D. Are much longer

Do the US Constitution have more details than state constitutions?


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