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What are some different commission structures to use for appointment setter employees?


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You have a number of options available. The most common is to pay per appointment, plus a commission upon a sale. You might also consider an hourly rate, plus a commission upon a sale.


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Staples employees do not earn commission.

employees are paid by commission only when they are require to meet a certain target. Like in real estate, if an employee sells the property worth of $10K, he would get say 5% of the amount as commission. Precisely, only in target oriented jobs, commission only could be paid to the employees.

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No. Employees are paid by commission in many companies not only if they work for Modern Woodmen of America.

if they pay by commission, they do not have to pay benefits. Such as vacation, medical, dental, etc.Goal of CommisionsCompanies offer commisions to certain employees, often salespeople, as an incentive. They encourage employees to produce more (e.g. make more sales) by offering the commission as a reward.

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Pool commission structure in a company works by sharing the revenue from sales. All revenue is put in a 'pool' of sorts and then divided between employees.

A sale associate gets paid : 6.50 an hour plus commission.

Anywhere from minimum wage to $10 and $12 and up depending on commission.

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