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What are some different foods associated with French religious festivals?

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What is religious in French?

'religieuses' is the French word for religious

How were French missionaries different from Spanish missionaries?

they brought new religious ideas

How were french missionaries different from the spanish missionaries?

They brought new religious ideas

What is the French word for 'religious studies'?

Religious studies are " l'éducation religieuse " in French.

Names of 5 major french festivals?

'Mardi foie gras is one.'

What are some of the most famous festivals and events of the French culture?

mardi gras

What french city is famous for its film festivals?

Cannes Newgrounds much? fapfapfap

What impact did French religious wars have on French thinkers?


What started the french religious war?

french and Indian war

What French economist is most associated with the mercantile economic system?

The French economist most associated with the mercantile economic system was Colbert.

Why is the Fleur De Lis the Saints Logo?

Because of its french and religious background. New Orleans has a french and religious background and the religious part goes well with a team called the Saints.

Do french people have a religious holiday?

With the exception of the 14th July, the 8th May and the 11thNovember, all the French public holidays are religious ones.

What was the prison associated with the French Revolution?

The Bastille.

How do you spell religious edgucation in french?

Religious education - instruction réligieuse - catéchisme (caté)

What religious court was outlawed by the French?

The Inquisition.

What is 'Le palais des festivals et des congrès' when translated from French to English?

"The festival and convention center" is an English equivalent of the French phrase Le palais des festivals et congrès. The pronunciation of the masculine prepositional phrase -- wich translates literally as "the palace of festivals and conventions" -- will be "luh pa-leh dey feh-stee-va-ley dey ko-greh" in French.

Do French have a god?

Yes, I am quite sure the French have a God... many French people are Catholic. But not all French people are religious

Which French city is associated with Joan of Arc?


What word in English is associated with the French epaule?


What was was NOT associated with the English Civil War?

French Fries

How was the Leader who came to America for religious freedom?

Who was the French leader who came to America for religious freedom

Who was the french Lutheran who came to Florida seeking religious freedom?

French Huguenot

Has French government has affirmed its citizens' right to wear religious symbols?

The French government has not affirmed its citizens' right to wear religious symbols. On March 15, 2004 it became law that French citizens were banned from wearing conspicuous religious symbols in public schools.

What do people in France celebrate on May 30?

There is nothing in French history or festivals to celebrate on May 30.

What is the name of famous French festivals celebrated in France?

le festival de Cannes (a film festival)