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Think of something that defines you.

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Q: What are some different ideas for a tattoo Japanese sleeve?
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Where can you get free tattoo ideas online?

My tattoo is belive but I want belive so give me ideas

Where might one find ideas for a tree tattoo?

One can find ideas for a tree tattoo by finding images of different tree tattoos online in image providing websites. In addition, one can try drawing one's own idea of a tree tattoo.

Where can one find some letter tattoo ideas?

You can find letter tattoo ideas online through google images, webpages and local tattooist webpages. You can also go to your local tattoo parlor, as they would be very happy to show you different designs.

Half sleeve tattoo ideas?

Choose something with meaning. When I do a tattoo I like my clients to have a tattoo that evokes certain memories or feelings. Also, insist on a good tattoo needle for the detail. I recommend these.

Where can you find tattoo design ideas online?

Use Pinterest for tattoo designs.

Where can one find designs for cross tattoos?

Cross tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo types, and designs can be found from many different sources. Specialist tattoo magazines contain many design ideas, along with dedicated tattoo design websites such as tattoojohnny or tattoofinder. Cross tattoo designs may also be seen in tattoo parlours.

Where can one find Koi Fish tattoo designs?

One can find Koi Fish tattoo designs from the following sources: Ask, tattoo Easily, Google Images, Unique Tattoo ideas, YouTube, Create My Tattoo, Search Body Art.

Where can you get different styles of letters?

Your tattoo artist should have portfolios of different types of letters s/he could use. You can also get ideas off the internet - images of tattoos or even just fonts you like.

You want to get a tattoo but you dont know where. any ideas?

Rib Cage.

Im looking for good Dragon tattoos I would like to get one for my leg?

To find tattoo ideas, you can look on the internet using google image search. It's important you find a good tattoo artist and see samples of their work. They might also have good ideas for a dragon tattoo

What ideas did the japanese borrow from china?

The romans

Where can one find detailed tattoo images?

There are many places one might go to locate a detailed tattoo image. The Tattoo Johnny website offers a gallery of images as well as downloads and ideas.

What is a source for the ideas outlined in the Japanese constitution?

Much of the Japanese Constitution is based on the US Constitution.

Did the Japanese borrow ideas from China?

yes. and Korea

What is the traditional symbolism of a crown tattoo?

The traditional symbolism of a crown tattoo means for that person to take control of their own life, feelings, thoughts, ideas, goals and other such as this.

What are some good tattoo ideas for 16 year old girls?

wait till your 18

need ideas on small quaint outdoor restaurant/japanese theme?

The Hidden Garden The Secret Garden Bonsai Dinner The Gazebo Bonsai Garden Japanese Garden

What are some good tattoo ideas for eighteen year old girls?

Good tatoo ideas for eighteen years old girls is that they cane mary with a young man

Do you have a picture of a green dragon tattoo that symbolizes dracula?

It seems highly unlikely that anyone would have a tattoo of this as its a clash of cultures and is also very spesific. If you wanted this as a tattoo you should go and confer with the tattoo artist and give him your ideas and suggestions. Im sure they would be able to sketch up something that meets your demands =].

How do you say ideas in spanish?

ideas is the word for ideas in Spanish. it is spelled the same as ideas but sound a little different

What are some elegant tattoo ideas?

Decide on the tattoo you want before you go to the parlor. This is something that you will carry with you for the rest of your life and can not easily be erased. Go to a website like where they have thousands of designs on CD ROM. I really thought that I knew what I wanted until the CD arrived. I ended up choosing a different design instead of the original one that I was going to get. I am much happier with the art from the art of tattoo website.

Which Chinese ideas about government did Japanese rulers adopt?

Japan loved rice

Any ideas on a tattoo to represent or symbolize weight loss?

You could have a picture of an anorexic woman on your thigh to remind you not to eat.

What cultural aspects did the Japanese borrow?

The Japanese borrowed various ideas from Chinese culture. The Chinese system of writing was carried to Japan by the Koreans.

What are some slang terms associated with tattoos?

Ink - a tattoo, because it is made with ink injected into the skinTat - a tattoo because it's a short form of the wordFlash or Tattoo Flash - the sheets of designs which can be purchased by a tattoo artist or designed by the artist themselfInk Pusher - a tattoo artist, the one who "pushes" the ink into the skinGun or Ink Gun - the tattoo machine because it looks a bit like a gunThe Works - an artist's tattooing equipment; needles, "gun," ink, etcSlinging Ink - doing a tattooGetting Inked - getting a tattooPounding Skin - doing a tattooGetting Needled or Getting the Needle - getting a tattooAirbrushing - when the ink accidentally spews out of the machine before it hits the skin and sprays everywhereIrons - tattoo machines used only by true tattoo artistsSleeve or Half Sleeve - when the entire arm or just the arm from shoulder to elbow is covered with tattoos, because it looks like you're wearing a shirtTramp Stamp - a tattoo on a woman's lower back just above her arse-crack, because it is designed to make men look at her arseHacker or Scratcher - an amateur or unskilled tattoo artist who causes more pain and swelling than is necessary (and usually is a poor artist in general)Show Your Ink - to show off your tattoosPhrases you might hear in a tattoo parlor -"You know you're getting a tattoo!" - the person is being tattooed on the inner part of the arm which hurts really badly"Kickin' it into third" - the tattoo artist sees that you are not going to scream or act like a baby, so they are going to increase the needle speed and fill in the design fasterThings you do NOT want to be called in a tattoo parlor -B-back - somebody who chickens out and runs away; they usually say something like "I got to get some money at the ATM - be right back!"Cadaver - somebody who never talks to the tattoo artist at all during the tattooCloser - somebody who deliberately shows up right before the tattoo parlor closes and expect to get a huge elaborate tattooDealer - somebody who whines about the prices and tries to get the artist to lower their costMichaelangelo - somebody who thinks they know more than the tattoo artist, who wants specific colors or specific shades, or who tells the artist how to do the tattooTattoo Shark - somebody who steals tattoo ideas from othersYo-Man - somebody who comes in saying something like "Yo, man I got $20, what can I get?