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Putting foil on the table and counter may help deter a kitten from jumping, as most cats do not like the feel of this on their paws. Double-sided sticky tape may work, also.

You can try spraying the kitten with water, but this really isn't ideal as all that teaches the kitten is that you, its carer, is punishing it for doing something that comes naturally to the kitten. This won't stop the kitten from jumping; but will make the kitten more sly and will only jump on these places when you are not around.

You can try and distract the kitten with a toy whenever you see it wanting to jump. Some kittens may stop wanting to jump onto tables and counters as they grow older, but many do not. Cats and kittens are naturally curious animals and like to be up high, so sometimes the best thing is to make its favourite spots safe to perch on.

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