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5 Tips to Market Your E-books Online

Have you written an e-book? An e-book is a digital document that can be sold online in a purely digital form. Thus, unlike with selling a physical product, the fulfillment of an e-book is done completely online. This is great for you, the author, since you can completely automate the order taking and fulfillment processes.

The question becomes how to market the e-book online in order to get people to buy it. “How do I effectively market my e-books online?”

Here are five tips that will help you sell more of your e-books and generate more revenue:

  1. Find a target market to sell the e-book to. Many people think that everyone is their target market, and as a result try to sell their e-book to everyone. They usually end up chasing after potential customers who are not in their target market and are not likely to ever purchase the book. Their e-book sales suffer as a result.

Instead of trying to sell your e-book to everyone, concentrate on a smaller group of people who comprise your target market. These people are much more likely to purchase what you have to offer, and as a result you will get many more sales.

  1. Create an effective sales letter for your e-book. Since you cannot take a picture of your e-book and post it on your web site (unlike a piece of jewelry, for example), your need to use the sales letter to promote the e-book.

  2. Give your customers just a few options on your web site. Sometimes clients tell me that their sales letters don’t sell. When I take a look at the sales letters, they are usually a big mess. Sales letters that do not sell contain too many distractions for the reader: they have links to other web pages and web sites, banners, and text ads for other products.

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There are many eBook internet marketing strategies. Examples of some strategies are setting up a websites where someone can purchase the eBook, use a blog to promote the eBook and use social media marketing sites.

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Q: What are some e-book internet marketing strategies?
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