What are some easy ripstik tricks?

1. acid drop:
Kinda like a manual off a curb. sounds hard but it's not.
2. hang 10:
putting both feet on the front side of the ripstik. there's a specific footing and technique to keep balance.look on youtube for how.
3. hang 20:
same as hang 10 but on the back side.
4. manual(kinda hard):
lifting up the front side and balancing like that while the ripstik is still moving. look on youtube for how.
5. nose manual(kinda hard):
same as manual but you lift the backside. a little harder than a manual.

All of those tricks should be able to be masted in about a month or a little more.

Some harder tricks:

body varial

there are other and harder tricks out there, those are just the common ones.