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Placental mammals live in almost every environment on Earth. They are one of the most successful groups in the animal kingdom. Mammals in general are very successful and the majority of mammals are placentals. This group is so successful because they are endothermic. The only mammals that are not placentals are the marsupials (kangaroo, opossum, etc) and the prototherians (egg laying mammals). Environments that do contain mammals would likely be constrained to those that are very severe: The deep ocean, extremely high mountain peaks, etc. Otherwise you can find these animals almost anywhere.

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Q: What are some environments that placental mammals live on?
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Why do cats have bellybuttons?

Cats are placental mammals, and all placental mammals have bellybuttons of some sort.

Why do dolphins have bellybuttons?

Dolphins are placental mammals. All placental mammals have bellybuttons of some kind.

Are anteaters placental mammals?

South American Giant and Lesser Anteaters are placental mammals. Echidnas are some times referred to as Spiny Anteaters and they are not placental mammals, they are monotremes.

What are the 7 types of placental mammals?

There are numerous types of placental mammals, too many to list them all. Some examples of placental mammals are lions, cattle, sheep, tigers, bears, and humans.

Do ponies have belly buttons?

Ponies, like all horses are placental mammals. ANd all placental mammals have bellybuttons of some sort.

What animals don't have belly buttons?

All placental mammals have bellybuttons of some sort. Animals that aren't placental mammals, like reptiles don't have belly buttons.

Do some mammals lay eggs?

There are three classes of mammals (placental mammals, monotremes and marsupials). Only monotremes (the platypus and echidna) lay eggs.

What do mammals do?

By definition, mammals have hair and nurse their young with milk. Some, like cetaceans, only have hair on a very small portion of their bodies or only for a portion of their lives. Some mammals have live births (placental mammals), some are born into a pouch for maturation (marsupials), and some are even hatched from eggs (monotremes).it can feed young on milk

How do mammals reproduce?

Most mammals use sexual reproduction, where fertilization is internal, and give live birth.Some mammals are oviparous (egg laying) mammals called monotremes, namely platypuses and echidnas -- the young are not born live but are nursed after they hatch.Pouched mammals and placental mammals give birth to tiny young ones, so are called viviparous.Sexual intercourse

How are humans placental mammals?

Humans are placental mammals because our young grow in a placenta inside the mother. The earliest kind of mammal did not do this, some lay eggs (Echidna, Platypus), some give birth to a heavily underdeveloped infant, which immediately crawls into a pouch for further growth.

Do mammals live in the desert?

Yes. Some mammals live in deserts.

Why are some mammals adapted to living in water?

Their habitat has forced some mammals to live that way.

What tempatures do penguins live in?

Most Penguins live in the cold, but some live in tropical environments.

Which mammals live in saltwater?

Mammals like Whales and dolphins live in Salt water. Some mammals like seals periodically live in water and than transfer to land.

Do mammals lay eggs or give birth?

By definition, mammals have live young, with the exception of the three species of monotremes.These include the platypus and the short-beaked echidna, native to Australia, and the long-beaked echidna, native to New Guinea. These animals lay eggs, but still feed their young on mother's milk.Eutheria (placental mammals) and marsupials do not lay eggs.Some mammals lay eggs but some give birth to young alive.

What are some mammals that live in china?


Are all animals native to Australia marsupials?

No. Most mammals native to Australia are marsupials.Australia is home to about 90 species of bats, which are of course the only true flying mammals, and they are placental mammals. There are also about ten species of native mouse which are rodents, not marsupials, as well as various marine mammals such as dolphins and dugong. There are also the two monotremes, or egg-laying mammals, which include the echidna and the platypus.Although some placental mammals are native to various New Guinean islands, the placental mammals that are found on Australia, like the Red Fox, were introduced by settlers within the last few centuries. The Dingo is commonly believed to be a native Australian animal, but it is not truly native, having come with the Aborigines when they first arrived.

What are the three kinds of mammals?

The Monotremes, Marsupials, and the largest group, Placental Mammals.Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs. The only monotremes that are alive today are the spiny anteater, or echidna, and the platypus.Marsupial's young are born in an extremely immature state; most female marsupials have pouches. Some marsupials include the koala, kangaroo, and the numbat.Placental Mammals are the most familiar group (meaning us), but also contains a diverse group of organisms from rats to dogs to horses.

Do mammals live in land or water?

Mammals live on both, (humans, dogs, cats etc.) live on land, some live in the water (whales, dolphins, etc.)

Identify how the oxygen requirements of a prokaryote can affect the types of environments in which it can live?

some prokaryotes cannot live where O2 is present and some need oxygen to live thus the two dont live together thus the environments are different due to the oxygen requirments

Which mammals live in wetlands?

a lot of mammals live in the wetlands. here are some birds, chipmunk, squriel, and alot more too.

What mammals live in wetlands?

Some mammals that live in wetlands are platypuses, beavers, otters, and river dolphins.

What are some mammals' characterists?

some characteristics of mammals are that they produce live young, mothers feed their newborns milk, and all mammals have fur or hair.

What is the animal that give birth to young ones called?

For the most part, these are mammals. Specifically, they are eitehr placental viviparous, or marsupial. The only mammal group which does not give birth to live young are the monotremes. Some members of the reptile class, the amphibians and the fish also give birth to live young.

Why do some organisms survive extreme environments?

Some organisms survive extreme environments because the species of what ever the organism is has adapted to the extreme environment they live in.