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what are some examples of a reversible reaction that occurs in the living organism?

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Q: What are some examples of a reversible reaction that occurs in the living organism?
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What is meant by biochemical reaction?

This is a reaction which occur in a living organism.

Examples of non-living organisms?

The definition of organism is, living or once living. So there can't be a nonliving organisms because you have to be alive to be an organism.

A substance that can speed up a chemical reaction in a living organism?

An enzyme works to speed up chemical reactions in a living organism.

What accelerates any chemical reaction but is not consumed in the reaction?

A catalyst. Or if made by a living organism an enzyme.

Is a forest fire a living organism?

No, fire is not "alive". It is a chemical reaction.

What is bioluminescene?

Light emitted from living organism as a result of naturally occurring chemical reaction inside the organism.

What kind of reaction inside a living organism are controlled by enzymes?

A bio-chemical reaction is controlled by enzymes.

What is parasite and give examples?

a parasite is an organism that depends on another living organism for its survival. plants such as mistletoe and organisms such as leeches are examples of parasites

What are three examples of a free living organism?

Bacterivore, Nematode and Chateosomatida

What is it called when an organism that feed on other living organisms?

A parasite is an organism that feeds on other living organisms. Examples of parasites include ticks and leeches.

Is organism may be dispersed by other living thing give you an examples?


What is the definition of bio luminescence?

Light produced by a biochemical reaction initiated by a living organism.

Examples of multicellular organism?

Pretty much any living organism you can see with the naked eye. Although there are a few exceptions

What are some examples of boitic factors?

A biotic factor is any living component that affects another organism, including animals that consume the organism in question, and the living food that the organism consumes.humans, cows, grass

What is an organism living in or on organism?

An organism living in another organism is called parasite.

All the living and nonliving things surrounding an organism is described by?

The environment of an organism is described by biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) factors. As examples, a biotic factor could be a competitor for food, and an abiotic factor could be the amount of sunlight that gets to an organism.

Is a catalyst a compound that makes up a living organism?

A catalyst is something that speeds up a chemical reaction

What is an example of a living organism?

Basically, it is an living thing. A organism is a living thing, you are a organism because you are a human so you are a living organism and your survival is a need

Is raccoon a living organism or non living feature?

an living organism

What do you mean by living organism?

a living organism is just a living thing!

Is water biotic or abiotic?

Water is abiotic because it is neither a living organism or an organic material created by a living organism. Examples of abiotic materials are: air, metals, crystals, rocks, etc.

Is a fish a living organism?

Yes. It is living and is an organism.

Is flower a living organism or a nonliving organism?


3 examples of producers?

a producer is a living organism that makes its own food. Any plant can be an example.

What is a statement that best describes an enzyme?

An enzyme is a chemical produced by a living organism which acts as a catalyst in a biochemical reaction.