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Q: What are some examples of ancient rituals performed in axum countries?
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What are some of the rituals that were performed in Ancient Greece to honor their many Gods?

Some of the rituals that were performed in Ancient Greece to honor their many Gods included prayer, sacrifices, festivals and the arts. It is also said The Olympics were created to honor the Gods.

What are some examples of ancient rituals performed in the various Asian countries?

As this is a vast and fascinating subject, I am still wading through reams on the subject, I will post a short answer for now, and will post a fuller answer later. Japanese Tea Ceremony, a ritual going back many 100's of years. Sumo, a Ritual also going back many centuries. Ancient Chinese Ritual Dances performed at state sacrifices traced backed to before 300 BCE. Ancient Burial Rituals traced back to 20,000 years BCE, there are no recorded burial rituals performed before this date. Many Ancient Temple Consecration Rituals in India. The Ancient Japanese Ritual Prayers. Many Indian, Chinese and Japanese Marriage Rituals which date back to many centuries. Hari Kari or Seppuku, a Japanese ritual form of suicide by disembowelment, known as Tsuifuku in China.

Did the ancient Romans have rituals?

Yes, the ancient Romans had very many rituals. Like most ancient peoples they were what we call today, superstitious. They had rituals for starting and ending war, honoring the gods, for ensuring a good harvest, for healing, etc, etc, etc. These rites had to be performed perfectly so as not to insult the gods.

Who performed Romans rituals?

Priests performed rituals in Rome. There were several priesthoods, each tending to specific gods and officiating specific rituals.

Who performed the rituals?


Did ancient Egypt have rituals?


How did religion affect the lives of the ancient egyptians?

Religion played a huge role in the lives of Ancient Egyptians. They thanked the gods when the Nile overflowed, and performed rituals to honor their various deities.

Examples of dance rituals in the Philippines?


What rituals did the pharaohs do in ancient times?


Did freemasons engage in mysterious rituals and use ancient symbols as codes?

Yes, Freemasons do engage in rituals not open to the public. Part of these rituals are a cursory explanation of ancient symbols as they relate to The Craft.

What did the Mayan Priests do?

performed sacred rituals

What did the Greeks do for the gods?

The Greeks performed rituals.

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