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What are some examples of compound mixtures?

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sugar in water and salt in water are some examples of mixtures

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What are some examples of suspension mixtures?

what are some suspension mixtures

All minerals are chemical compounds?

Some minerals are chemical compounds, but some are mixtures. Examples of a chemical compound: quartz and rock salt; examples of a mixture: petroleum and coal.

Brass salt water and air are examples of?

homogenous mixtures and a simpler ansewer is a compound

What are some examples of heterogeneous mixtures?

Some examples of heterogeneous mixtures are vegetable soup, blood under a microscope, chocolate chip ice cream.

What are some examples of homeogeonous mixtures?

Some homogeneous mixtures include salt water, air, and gasoline.

What are some examples of insoluble mixtures?

Some examples are sand, minerals, rocks, and oil.

List 3 examples of a mixture and 3 examples of a compound?

3 examples of mixtures are blood , air , sand in a bucket3 examples of compounds are salt , H2O , vinegar

What are some examples of homogeneous mixtures?

some examples of homogeneous mixtures are: saltwater or brine air sugar water(dissolved) brewed tea or coffee alcohol wine brass

Is soil a element or compound or mixture?

Soil is a mixture of mixtures of mixtures of mixtures of mixtures, etc.

What are the examples of useful mixtures?

Soil, some foods, and drinks

What are some examples of homogenous mixtures?

Alcohol, coffee, air.

What are some examples of mixtures that are solutions?

Kool ad and lemonade

What are two ways in which mixtures differ from a compound?

A compound is chemically bonded unlike mixtures and compounds you can't take the elements apart, mixtures you can.

What are some examples of soluble mixtures?

Some examples of soluble mixtures are salt in water, sugar in water, and ethanol in water. Gases can even be soluble, like CO2 gas in liquid water.

Can you show some examples of mixtures?

sea water sea water

What are some examples of pure mixtures?

A mixture is a ...mix of pure substances !

What are some examples of mechanical mixtures other than food?


Is soda pop heterogeneous mixtures homogeneous mixtures or a compound?


Is salt a compound or mixture?

it is a compound because it has two mixtures in it....therefor it is a compound

Examples of liquid in solid mixtures?

solid in liquid mixtures

Is oxygen an element compound mixtures?

oxygen is an element. it is not a compound.

What are some examples of pure substances and mixtures?

Pure substances: table salt, sugar, absolute alcoholMixtures: vinegar, cooking oil, milkPotassium nitrate is a pure compound (substance), but when it is mixed with sulphur and charcoal, it becomes black powder (gunpowder), a mixture.

Give you 10 examples of mixtures?

Some examples of mixtures are:airgasolinewinesaline solutionsugar solutionsmogcarbonated wateralloycloudsmilkfog

Some examples of mixtures?

Muddy Water, Trail Mix, Reinforced Concrete

What are some examples of colloid heterogeneous mixtures?

milk, whip cream, fog