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Herbivores are animals that eat plants.
Some examples of animal herbivores are:
armadillos, caribou, chipmunks, cows, deer, elephants, giraffes, horses, kangaroos, koalas, llamas, mice, moose, rabbits, sheep, and squirrels. Also pandas, buffalos, zebras, beavers, chinchillas, rhinos, and some species of birds.

Some examples of insect herbivores are:
aphids, bees, some beetles, butterflies, caterpillars, grasshoppers, leafcutter ants and termites.

There were also many dinosaurs that were herbivores, such as Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Brontosaurus (apatosaurus).
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What are some herbivores in Taiga?

Some examples of herbivores in Taigas are American Elks, Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers (a bird), and American Dippers (another bird)

What are some herbivores?

some examples of herbivores are manatees, rabbits, deers, mice and turtles. any animals that eat only plants are herbivores.

What is a coral reef herbivore example?

clown fish are herbivores i do belive... Additionally, parrotfish, surgeonfish, damselfish, urchins, sea hares, some mollusks.

What are some ocean herbivores?

Herbivore animals in the ocean adapt to eating the plants that canbe found in the ocean. Some ocean herbivores are green turtles,manatees, dugongs, parrot fish and blue tang.

What is an example of a herbivore?

There are many animals whose diets consist of only plant matter. Some of the most well known are: . Horse . Cow . Zebra . Sheep . Rabbits . Giraffes . Elephants . Rhinoceroses . Deer . Elk . Antelope . Llama . Grasshopper . Caterpillars

What is an herbivore?

A herbivore is an animal that gets its energy from eating plants.. An omnivore eats both plants and meat.. A carnivore eats only meat.. "Herbivore" is a term that refers to a living being that eats only plants and natural materials. A herbivore is a animal that only eats plants or grass. It gets ( Full Answer )

What are some herbivores in a marine biome?

Herbivores are animals that only eat plants, not meat. One of the major herbivores in a marine biome is a manatee, which eats sea grasses and other aquatic plants. Also, many fish are herbivores too. Fish can eat a wide variety of foods ranging from plankton to seaweed, to other fish. Overall, there ( Full Answer )

What is herbivorous?

If you're asking for the defintion, it is: eating only plants, not meat.. \nHerbivours are animals that only eat plants.

What are some herbivores in the taiga?

There are several different kinds of herbivores that live in thetaiga. These animals include the American Elk, caribou, yellowbellied sapsuckers, and American dippers.

What are Other example of herbivore?

Herbivore- an organism that feeds on plants. Examples are: Rabbits, goats, cows, deer, caterpillar, Koalas, Bees, Termites, Ring Tailed Lemur, etc.

Do some herbivores eat meat?

No. Herbivores only eat veggies, fruits, grains, and grasses. If you were a herbivore and ate meat you would be classifed as an omnivore.

Examples of herbivorous animals?

Sloths Kangaroos Caterpillars Termites Sheep Deer Rabbits Cows Buffalo Rhinoceros Elephants Eland Dick Dick Goats Geese

10 examples of omnivores carnivores and herbivores?

an omnivore eats plants and bugs like gallimimus,carnivores are ferocious flesh animals most reptiles ate meat so did velociraptor,today's herbivores are mostly powerful runners when plant eating dinosaurs were really slow.

What are some herbivore adaptations in taiga?

Most animals migrate to warmer climates once the cold weather begins. Some animals have adapted to life in the taiga by hibernating when temperatures drop. Other animals have adapted to the extreme cold temperatures by producing a layer of insulating feathers or fur to protect them from the cold.

What can herbivores do?

Herbivores are plant-eating animals. They graze, eat fresh leaves, grass and young shoots, whilst others help clean up by eating dead and rotting vegetation matter.

What are some freshwater fish that are herbivores?

Silver Dollars and Plecos are the two major fish i can think of but most aquarium fish are omnivores. I think but im not to sure but loaches like the dojo loach,clown loach, and coolie loach are also herbivores.

2 examples of a herbivore?

\nA herbivore is an animal that only eats plants (like doesn't eat meat). Examples include: Horses Cows Deer Elephant Zebra Giraffe Moose some dinosaurs and some birds.

What are examples of aquatic herbivores?

Dugongs and manatees are aquatic mammals that eat sea grass. Green sea turtles are mostly herbivorous, and primarily eat sea grass. Galapagos iguanas are also semi aquatic herbivores, but they eat algae that grows on rocks just offshore.

What are examples of herbivores in the tundra?

There are really no herbivores in the tundra because in the tundra, (Antartica...etc), there is not much plant life. If there even is a single plant in the tundra it would most likely be froze and no animal could eat it.

Name some plants herbivores do not eat?

Some plants from the family Solanaceae are usually not eaten by any animal for their toxicity which can range from mildly irritating to deadly. Some plants in this family are the deadly nighshade, datura, and the angel's trumpet. Other plants from this family that are not harmful: eggplants, potat ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of herbivores carnivores and scavengers?

Examples of herbivores are: . cattle . horses . sheep . deer . moose . caterpillars . taipars . bison Examples of carnivores are: . lions . wolves . weasels . tigers . hyenas . crocodiles . orcas . dolpins . coyotes . cougars . wolverines Examples of scavengers are ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of herbivores that are easy to draw?

When I first learned to draw, my mom taught me how to draw an elephant from the front. A profile of a horse is also relatively simple, or a front view of a pig. Once you can draw a horse, it is easy to draw a deer, too.

Is the vole an example of a herbivore or omnivore?

Voles are mostly herbivorous. They feed on a variety of grasses,herbaceous plants, bulbs, and tubers. Also, usually in the fall orwinter, they eat bark and roots of trees. They store seeds andother plant matter in underground chambers.

What are examples of fish herbivores?

There are many species of fish that are essentially herbivorous but they will still eat the occasional bit of live food. The ones that are only algae eaters are the main true herbivores and that includes the fish that have sucker like mouths for grating algae off things eg. Plecostomous sp. Some of ( Full Answer )

What are some herbivores in Florida?

Herbivores are animals that do not eat meat. Some herbivores that live in Florida are, armadillos, cows, deer, rabbits, squirrels. Bees are also herbivores.

What are some herbivores that are in the tropical rain forest?

Name: . Howler Monkey. Description: . The Howler Monkeys is about 2-3 feet in length and weighs about 15 pounds. The males are usually larger than the females. Their colors can vary from reddish to brownish to blackish. . Habitat: . Central and South American Rainforests.. Diet: . Fruits and ( Full Answer )

Are you an herbivore?

Most humans are not herbivores because most humans eat both meat and plants. That makes those people omnivores. People that do not eat meat are vegetarians, or herbivores. :)

Are some mouses herbivores?

All mice are omnivores. They will eat a grasshopper, cricket, or frog as readily as they would eat grain and nuts. . All mice are herbivores.

What are some herbivores in Ohio?

Some herbivores in Ohio include: snowshoe hare ( Lepus americanus ), white tailed deer ( odocoileus virginianus ) and the eastern gray squirrel ( sciurus carolinesis )

What are some jungle herbivores?

In the Amazon rainforest, some herbivores include tree sloths, capyberras, tapir, and deer. In southeast Asia's rainforests, there are Asiatic elephants, rhinos, deer, and tapir, to name a few. In Africa's Congo rainforest, there are African forest elephants, okapi, deer, bongos, gorillas, etc.

3 examples of herbivore?

Present day herbivores: . Horse . Cow . Sheep Prehistoric herbivores: . Triceratops . Ankylosaurus . Stegosaurus

What are some herbivores in the Antarctic?

Sea mammals that feed on underwater vegetation don't do well inAntarctica, because there is not much underwater vegetation. There are no herbivores on the Antarctic continent, because nothinggrows there.

What are some examples of mammals that are herbivores?

Mammal herbivores are warm blooded animals that only eat plant material. This can include pet animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs, livestock such as cows, sheep, horses, and wild animals such as deer and koala bears.

What are some examples of an herbivores?

An herbivore is a type of animal that only feeds on plants. A good example of an herbivore is a horse. Another herbivore is a giraffe. :D

What is herbivore and give an example?

An herbivore is something that eats plants, and only plants. They generally aren't capable of properly digesting meat/flesh. Examples would be cows, kangaroos, guinea pigs, giraffes and deer.

Are some insects herbivores?

Yes, many insects are herbivores. Some of these are pollinators that eat nectar (such as bees and adult butterflies), but most actually eat leaves or some other plant part. Therefor, many herbivorous insects are considered pests due to the fact that they eat crops.

What are some herbivores live in saltwater?

The manatee is mostly herbivore The dugong (relative of the manatee) is called a "sea cow" because it feeds on ocean grasses. Krill, especially Antarctic krill, are herbivores. Parrotfish are herbivores .

Why are certain animals carnivore and some are herbivores?

well in fact there are 4 species of human, 1 being from the western hemisphere consisting of 5 inner species, blonde hair, red hair, black hair, brown hair, and a sort of hair color with an indistinct shade of description other than a sort of brown type color completely different from regular brown, ( Full Answer )

What are some of examples of herbivores?

Herbivores are animals that do not eat meat. Some examples of animal herbivores are: armadillos, caribou, chipmunks, cows, deer, elephants, giraffes, horses, kangaroos, koalas, llamas, mice, moose, rabbits, sheep, and squirrels. Also pandas, buffalos, zebras, beavers, chinchillas, rhinos, and s ( Full Answer )