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well u are half way there......

it is when the states of matter change from a gas to a liquid,

liquid into solid,

liquid to gas

and more

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What are some examples of changes in matter that change the character of matter?

some of the examples of changes in matter that change the character of matter are 1. ice 2.

What are some examples of a chemical change in matter?

Synthesis, decomposition, combustion, and oxidation are some examples of chemical changes (reactions) of matter.

What are some examples of some chemical changes?

Color change, steaming, state of matter changing.

What are some examples energy change?

energy changes one form to another

Examples of irregular nouns?

examples of some nouns change the entire spelling to form their plural. answer: child-children foot-feet

Which types of changes to matter do you think are the most dangerous?

Chemical changes in matter have the most potential danger and damage. A chemical change is a change in which one kind of matter is changed into a different type of matter. Some examples of chemical changes: the rusting of your car, setting your shoe on fire, digesting food, and the burning of magnesium metal in oxygen to form magnesium oxide.

What are some examples of physical changes that involoved color?

melting candle wax it changes from a non clear to a clear form of matter

What pronoun changes its form least as its case changes?

The personal pronouns you and it do not change form from subjective to objective.Examples:You may have some cake. It is very good. (subjective)I made a cake for you. I hope you like it.(objective)In addition, the pronoun you does not change form from singular to plural.Examples:Jack, you may have some cake. (singular)Children, you may have some cake. (plural)

What is an example of liquid matter?

Some examples of liquid matter are juice and water.

What are some examples of daily life using conservation of mass?

The Law of Conservation of Mass states that "In a physical process there is no change in composition of matter and the state of matter alone changes." Examples of these in daily life are the melting of ice and the boiling of water.

What are some words that change form?

Examples of nouns that change spelling to form their plural: child children geese goose man men medium media mouse mice tooth teeth

What are some examples of matter and non-matter?

Matter is real and has physical mass.5 examples of matter could include:- lead, air, water, timber, books.5 examples of non-matter would include :- speech, light, vacuum, logic, faith.

What are some examples of metaphor for power?

Some move matter with their mind.

What are Examples of physical properties of matter?

some examples of physical properties of matter are its hardness, density, color, texture and if it is maluable(easily moulded)

What are 3 examples of liquid matter?

some examples of liquid matter: oil vinegar calamansi juice milk coffee lotion perfume

What are some examples of living matter?

A person, donkey plants, trees etc. are examples of living matter because they have life. If you talk about these matter you will have to mention oxygen and carbon dioxide.

What are the three states of matter and what are some characteristics of these states of matter?

The classic states of matter are gas (hasn't form), liquid (has the form of the container) and solid (has a form).

How does a scientific law differ from a state law give some examples of that?

A scientific "law" doesn't care (or change) no matter how many people don't like it.

Is burning magnesium ribbon a physical change?

No. Burning magnesium, or burning anything for that matter, is a chemical change. The magnesium reacts with oxygen to form magnesium oxide, and to some degree reacts with nitrogen to form magnesium nitride.

What are some ways to change a solid without changing its matter?

Just change the phase. Take the solid and melt it. That won't change the matter. Then you can boil the liquid and turn it into a gas. Again, that does not change the matter.

What are some examples of litotes?

There are a number of examples of litotes. Some of the most used examples include 'She's not the brightest girl in the class', 'You are not wrong', 'This is no minor matter' and 'She's no doll'.

What are some examples of land pollution?

examples of land pollution are dumping urban waste matter on to legal roads

What are some examples of pressure?

change of climate, food,

What is an example of solid matter?

Some examples of solid matter are coins, wood, plastic bottles, and pop cans.

What are some sentence examples for conversations of matter?

The conversion of matter is common in water. It goes from ice to water and then to vapor.

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