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Generally, every day, every twin had to have blood drawn.

* Blood, often in large quantities, was drawn from twins' fingers and arms, and sometimes both their arms simultaneously. The youngest children, whose arms and hands were very small, suffered the most: Blood was drawn from their necks, a painful and frightening procedure.5

It was estimated that approximately ten cubic centimeters of blood was drawn daily.

Besides having blood drawn, the twins were to undergo various medical experiments. Mengele kept his exact reasoning for his experiments a secret. Many of the twins that he experimented on weren't sure for what purpose the individual experiments were for nor what exactly what was being injected or done to them.

Each morning, the twins would wonder what was in store for them that day. Would their number be called? If yes, then the trucks would pick them up and take them to one of several laboratories.

* Measurements

  The twins were forced to undress and lay next to each other. Then every detail of their anatomy was carefully examined, studied, and measured. What was the same was deemed to be hereditary and was different was deemed to be the result of the environment. These tests would last for several hours.

* Blood

  Blood tests included mass transfusions of blood from one twin to another.

* Eyes

  In attempts to fabricate blue eyes, drops or injections of chemicals would be put in the eyes. This often caused severe pain, infections, and temporary or permanent blindness.

* Shots and Diseases

  Mysterious injections that caused severe pain. Injections into the spine and spinal taps with no anesthesia. Diseases, including typhus and tuberculosis, would be purposely given to one twin and not the other. When one died, the other was often killed to examine and compare the effects of the disease.

* Surgeries

  Various surgeries without anesthesia including organ removal, castration, and amputations.

  One day, my twin brother, Tibi, was taken away for some special experiments. Dr. Mengele had always been more interested in Tibi. I am not sure why - perhaps because he was the older twin.

  Mengele made several operations on Tibi. One surgery on his spine left my brother paralyzed. He could not walk anymore. Then they took out his sexual organs. After the fourth operation, I did not see Tibi anymore.

  I cannot tell you how I felt. It is impossible to put into words how I felt. They had taken away my father, my mother, my two older brothers - and now, my twin.

* Death

  Dr Miklos Nyiszli was Mengele's prisoner pathologist. The autopsies became the final experiment. Dr. Nyiszli performed autopsies on twins whom had died from the experiments or whom had been purposely killed just for after-death measurements and examination. Some of the twins had been stabbed with a needle that pierced their heart and then were injected with chloroform or phenol which caused near immediate blood coagulation and death.

  Some of the organs, eyes, blood samples, and tissues would be sent to Verschuer for further study.

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Q: What are some examples of things Mengele did to the twins he experimented on?
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Who did Josef Mengele experiment on?

Dr. Mengele experimented on twins & children with disabilities

What did Josef Mengele do?

Josef Mengele experimented on thousands of jews and most of the experiments he did were on twins or people with abnormalities. Almost all of the people who were experimented on, died.

Who are the people Josef Mengele experimented on?

Prisoners of the concentration camps. He looked at it as a sport so many people were experimented on. His main target was twins though.

What would josef mengele do if twins were just born?

There are no reports of Mengele experimenting on newborn twins.

Who would Dr Mengele mainly perform operations on?

Jews and Gypsies were mainly the people he experimented on. Specifics include twins, dwarfs, giants, and anyone with unusual features.

What was Dr Josef Menegele's job at Auschwitz?

Josef Mengele experimented on twins, dwarfs, etc. at Auschwitz. He also was in charge of selections, who would die and who would be deemed fit to work.

What German exsperemented on twins in the holocaust?

Dr Mengele specialised in experiments on twins.

What did they do to twins in the holocaust?

they experimented them with no anasthetics

Who is Mengele and what was he known for?

Josef Mengele was a Nazi doctor best known for his work at Auschwitz-Birkenau on twins.

How many set of twins were killed during the Holocaust?

I don't know exactly how many were killed in the Holocaust, but about 1,500 sets of twins (3,000 individuals) were experimented on in the hands of Josef Mengele. I estimated that somewhere between 50 and 200 sets survived.

Who was the German doctor that was known for experimenting the twins?

Josef Mengele

How did Josef Mengele get the twins?

Josef Mengele got the twins at Auschwitz when they first arrived and are unloaded from the train platform, he would do the selections and if he found a pair of twins he would take them from their family's and treat them with care until he killed them and then did his dissection of them.

What twins did josef mengele sew together at the shoulders?

Cooney & Matt

Who did dr mengele do most ofhis expirements on?

Identical twins were his favorite to experiment with.

Who did josef mengele experiments affect?

The main groups which were effected by Mengele's Experiments were the Jews , Twins (Mainly Children Twins) and Family's with Physical Abnormalities. He did experiments like trying to die people's eyes and Amputations of Limbs.

Who was the doctor with an insane obsession with twins?

Josef Mengele, who conducted inhuman experiments in Auschwitz.

How many twins survived after Josef Mengele?

Out of about 3,000, only around 200 survived.

What was the strangest experiment was done by josef mengele?

once, he cut two twins in half and sewed them together to make Siamese twins

What did Hitler do to the twins?

Hitler didnt't do anything. But his doctors, most infamous Dr. Josef Mengele, tested twins in the concentration camps.

Who is Dr. Mengele in Night?

Josef Mengele was a German SS officer and 'heath director' at the Auschwitz death camp who performed horrific experiments on inmates(mostly twins)

Why did Josef Mengele mostly experiment on twins?

Because twins where genetically the same so it gave him a perfect control subject and test subject.

What kind of people did josef mengele test on?

The main people he tested on were the Jews, twins and dwarfs.

Why was Dr. Mengele important from the Holocaust?

Dr. Mengele shows the true spirit of the Holocaust. Inhumane would be the word. Dr. Mengele did things such as removing a heart without any medicine; and performed many experimental surgeries on the prisoners. He was known to work with twins, and did many horrible things to over 4,000 twins. Only about 200 pairs of twins survived. He also sought out pregnant women to which he dissected while they were alive, then sent to gas chambers. He was also one of the people to decide who gets to live (if you will call it that) and who gets to perish upon arriving at a concentration camp. For this, he was known as The Angel of Death.

Who was a torturer in the Holocaust?

There were many. Something that comes to mind is josef mengele. It was also known as uncle mengele, or the angel of death. it experimented on little children, particularly twins. it conducled gruessome operations and tests without giving its patients any morphine or pain killers. it also murdered thousands of gypsies who were being held prisioners at Auschwitz in the early parts of the holocaust. What an awful question.

Who was Josef Mengele and what role did he play in the Holocaust?

Josef Mengele was a Nazi doctor at Auschwitz. His main interest was twins, and he is responsible for the deaths of over 400,000 people during 'selections'.