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What are some examples of voluntary chains in business?

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What are some examples of voluntary behavior?

you enroll in a course you like that is voluntary

What are some examples of hierarchy in biology?

Food chains/webs.

What are some examples of voluntary musles?

Wiggle your fingers - now watch yourself doing that.

What are some examples of business management tools?

There are many examples of business management tools. Some good examples of business management tools are smart phones, planners, and accounting software.

What are some examples of symbolism in Martin Luther King's i have a dream speech?


Typical example of service business and merchandising business?

what are the some examples of merchandising business ?

What are some examples of voluntary muscles?

Voluntary means that it is under your conscious control - you think about moving the muscle and it moves. Some examples would be your arm and leg muscles (biceps, triceps, quadriceps) and your tongue.

What are some examples on business consulting franchises?

Some examples of business consulting franchises are The Alternative Board, Business Round Table, Growth Coach, EWF International, and Renaissance Executive Forums.

What are some examples of your organizational and planning skills?

a business

What are some examples of multipliers in business?

strawberry kiwi

What are some major hotel chains that cater to international business travel customers?

There are a variety of hotel chains that cater to the international business travel customer. Omni, Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, Mariott, and Trump are among the chains favored by international clientele for their internet access, friendliness and cleanliness.

What are some examples of different food chains?

acorn>squirrel>hawk>fox lettuce>rabbit>fox

What are some examples of unlimited liability in business terms?

Some examples are Union Bank of Blair. Blair, Wisconsin.

What are some examples of voluntary migration?

Answer this question… A group of farmers leave their homes to search for more fertile lands elsewhere.

What are some examples of business related crimes?

Sexual Harrasment

What are two tyes of voluntery muscles?

Voluntary muscle denotes any skeletal muscle, all of which are under the voluntary control of the somatic nervous system. Some examples would be the biceps brachii and the sternocleiodomastoid.

What are examples of external business environment?

The external business environment are the things outside of an organization that affect the functionality of the business. Some examples of the external business environment include customers, economy, government and public opinion.

What are some examples of corporate actions?

Some examples of corporate actions are: Voluntary, Mandatory and Mandatory with Corporation Choice actions. These have to take into consideration their stock and share holders so that they get the best dividend back for their investment.

Are your muscles both voluntary and involuntary?

There are some muscles that are voluntary, and some that are involuntary. If you mean like, the muscles in your arms, then those are voluntary.

What are some hotel loyalty programs that give out rewards points?

There are several chains of hotels which have loyalty programs through which their guests are given reward points. Examples of chains with loyalty programs are Starwood, Hilton and Marriott. However, some chains have recently made changes to their programs which has decreased their worth.

What are some non examples of natural gas?

mind your own business

What are some examples of accounting business software?

Accounting business software is very helpful for creating invoices and tracking expenses. Some examples of accounting software are UNIT 4 Software and Net Suite.

What are some examples of things business insurance would cover?

There are numerous possible examples of things that business insurance would cover. Business insurance will cover things such as property damage and work casualties.

What muscle is voluntary and involuntary?

skeletal muscles are voluntary. but cardiac and smooth muscles(some are voluntary) are involuntary

What are some examples of what the acronym EBP stands for?

EBP could stand for a lot of things. Some examples of what EBP could stand are: Education Business Partnership, Enterprise Buy Professional, and European Business Programme.