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What are some exercises that could be done to enhance the size of the buttocks thighs and legs?



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I ran track and I know quite a bit about heathy eating/exercising and what worked for me is for a toned and defined look try eating more carbs (Don't Be Afraid!, try more pasta and bready substances that'll create bulk that'll turn into muscle if you committ to excercising) and doing active workouts like running stairs/bleachers, maybe a pump some weights w/your legs, things that really get you sweaty n tired (for me skateboarding works just fine w/the occasional sprints and/or flights of stairs). To get a more lean yet tone look you want to go with a little more relaxed workout like yoga or pilates,excercises that concentrate on stretching and using your bodys' own weight to tone itself. For me results aren't as fast but if u want the more lean look this is great along with a diet that consists of more vegetables and more natural and basic foods.(Substituting ground turkey instead of beef also worked well before I became a vegetarian) Always remember Fluids Fluids Fluids!!! Stick with natural stuff like water, O.J., the less sugary stuff. And always get a good 30 min stretch before (And After!) excercising. Never "over-do" a workout, you don't want to die, getting a little out of breath is okay and normal however. A warm Bath always feels nice after a good workout and helps further relax your muscles!!