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What are some factors of Black history in New Hampshire?

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What is some statehood history of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire was admitted into the Union on June 21, 1788 becoming the 9th state to join the Union.

Who was the black heroes for black history mouth?

some black soldiers

What is some important history that happened in New Hampshire?

One piece of important history that happened in New Hampshire is that this state was the first one to start an independent government and create a constitution. New Hampshire also provided the ammunition for many battles during the Revolution.

What are some important events in New Hampshire history?

pizza was invented by Marie blaire. in 1763.

Tell you some people on black history?

One person you can relate to black history is Barack Obama. Another person you can relate to black history is Martin Luther King, Jr.

Who are some unknown important people in history?

just look in some black history list and u'll find plenty

What are some interesting history facts about New Hampshire?

Of the thirteen original colonies, New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence from Mother England -- a full six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed

New Hampshire Why shoud you come to this colony?

One reason to come to New Hampshire is the rich history of the area. Having been one of the first areas of the new world to be colonized by the British and French, New Hampshire is home to some beautiful historic architecture.

What factors in the decline of medieval Europe cannot be attributed to the Black Death?

Factors such as scientific researches. Some revolts can not be attributed.

Why are white people rude to black people when it's Black History Month?

Some whites are rude to blacks during Black History Month because they claim it is unfair and unequal to others without a history month. This is unfounded since there are other months designated for other races; they simply are not as high profile as Black History Month. Some even claim there is no White History Month which many have to repeat back that there is; it is every month on the calender. Since white history is taught no matter what, there is no need to have any specific month for it which is what many hope will happen for Black History and which is the whole point of it; that history about black Americans will be taught not because of a month, but because it is history and needs to be known.

What are some significance of black history month?

black History month's significance is about all the famous black people that wanted to stop slavery like: Harriet Tubman ,Martin Luther Jr. and more.

Are there any tornadoes in New Hampshire?

Yes, there are. New Hampshire does get some tornadoes.

Why do some people think you should not have black history month?

Because they are racists!

Who are some famous thieves in medieval history England not including robin hood?

Black people, mainly black people...

What are some of the major factors when giving an insurance quote?

Year, make, model, driving history, and age!

Is epilepsy hereditary?

For some people there can be a family history of epilepsy, but that is not always the case. It can be caused by many factors.

Did black people create white people?

We all, at some point in history, came from Africa. I wouldn't say black people "created" white people, but we were all black at some point in time.

What are some human characteristics of New Hampshire?

Pride. New Hampshire is very proud of their heritage.

Who is the most popular in black history?

There are several people in black history that are popular. Some very influential people are Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcom X.

What are some famous black history people?

matin Luther king junior and Barack Obama

Who are some black history scientists and inventors?

George Washington Carver invented peanut butter

What are the physical features of New Hampshire?

Mountains, valleys, and hills are some of the physical features of New Hampshire.

What are some jobs that the New Hampshire colony?

Some New Hampshire Colony job includes a fisherman, trapper, logger, shipbuilder, or fur salesperson.

What were some of the jobs in colonial New Hampshire?

Some colonial New Hampshire jobs included fisherman, trapper, logger, shipbuilder, or fur salesperson.

What is the meaning of checkered spinal history?

Not sure of the origin, but a checkered history (or checkered past) means some good and some bad. Maybe it comes from the black and white colours of a chequer board ?