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Two of the most major cities within the Cordilleran Boundaries are Vancouver and Mexico City.

There is a variety of vegetation that grows in the Cordillera region. The vegetation includes: douglas fir, forage grass, white spruce, lodge pole pine, ponderosa pine, and many other grasses. This vegetation grows here because it rains a lot and the soil is good.

A variety of wildlife can be found throughout the Cordillera region. Some of the animals are: falcons, woodland caribou, deer, moose, squirrel, wolverines, grizzly bears, mountain goats, and golden eagles. These animals make this region their home because of the mountains and because of the trees, grass, landscape, food, and beautiful nature.

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Some mountains in this landform region can be as wide as 700 meters long The 2010 Olympics will be held in part of the Western Cordillera, Vancouver, British Columbia The climate of the Western Cordillera is much like the maritime's climate

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it is in Canada. the Canada Rockies are part of this region. There are many different and interesting occupations in the Cordillera region. Some major occupations are forestry and mining. These occupations provide the people with money, houses, and wood.

Some landforms in the cordillera region are the Western Cordillers and the Appalatian Highlands.

Some Natural Resources in Western Cordillera are: Forestry, Fisheries and Agriculture as well as Oil, Gas, Iron, Zinc, Lead, Copper, Silver, and Nickel.

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3 Rock Types of Western Cordillera!- Metallic Minerals: found in igneous rock.Ex. iron + silver- Non-Metallic Minerals: some metamorphic and sedimentaryEx. potash + asbestos + mica- Energy Minerals: California = offshore. Utah + Colorado = oil shale. Ex. Petroleum, coal, natural gas.

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3 Rock Types of Western Cordillera! - Metallic Minerals: found in igneous rock. Ex. iron + silver - Nonmetallic Minerals: some metamorphic and sedimentary Ex. potash + asbestos + mica - Energy Minerals: California = offshore. Utah + Colorado = oil shale. Ex. Petroleum, coal, natural gas.

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